Ensuring staff, students and visitors are safe at Chichester College Group

COVID-19 has affected us all – staff, students, and visitors alike, bringing with it the need for innovation and development. The cleaning regimes within the estate have become such an important part of the College Group’s daily life, with the site team working hard to ensure students and staff are kept safe.

Daily Protection

Cleaning operatives have sanitised communal areas consistently by wiping down all services with a chemical solution, which has proven to be effective in killing Covid-19 at a 99.99% rate.

Enhanced Protection

Since Summer 2020, the College Group facilities have been protected by an anti-microbial coating. Using electrostatic sprayers, the bioshield layer forms a lasting protective shield on all targeted surfaces, which prevents viruses and bacteria from attaching, breeding, or surviving on the surface. This lasts for up to 60 days – continuing to destroy the pathogens on contact, while allowing Nviro to continue to clean and sanitise with no degradation to the effectiveness of the protection.

Proved to be Hygienic

Hygiene levels have been assessed throughout the pandemic using ATP testing. ATP testing machines are used throughout the month to ensure the estate is not just physically clean, but hygienically safe. ATP testing measures the levels of living organisms on a surface using swabbing and Ultra-Violet technologies. By obtaining a measure of living organisms on surfaces we can carefully monitor the effectiveness of the hygiene regime, making best use of resource and re-deployment to target risk highlighted through the auditing process.

Clean, Hygienic and Safe

Electrostatic spraying and bioshield technology can mitigate the impact of absence and sickness well into the long term, ensuring we as an education community maximise the opportunities we provide for our students.

Chichester College Group and Nviro will continue to work collaboratively to ensure the Group remains a clean and hygienic environment, for the safety of all students, staff, and building users.

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