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Creating thriving environments for your clients.

Do you provide consultancy to organisations looking to contract cleaning services? Is trusting your suppliers as important as securing the best deal for your client? Would you like to partner with a cleaning contractor that ‘gets it’? If this sounds like you then look no further than Nviro.

From routine cleaning services through to specialist and challenging, Nviro has successful, longstanding relationships with specialist consultants operating in a range of sectors.

We understand the challenges you face in meeting your clients’ needs. Faced with diminishing budgets, increasing inflationary pressures and the permanent focus on performance and standards – the expectations are bordering on impossible.

At Nviro, we have a track record in satisfying these requirements for education, local government, social housing and commercial organisations. With Nviro, you will have a supplier that will collaborate with you to deliver the best possible outcome for your client.

Because you need to offer something different

We have been contract cleaning for 25 years and have become masters of our trade. We are fully immersed in the world of contract cleaning and know our sectors inside out. It has become our defining purpose to create safe, clean and hygienic in which our customers can thrive – and they really value us for this.

With Nviro you will have the utmost confidence that your client will be presented with the best possible service for the right price, and they will thank you for a different cleaning company experience. Browse our website to find out why we are different and how we make a difference.

Supporting thriving environments

  • Education: We work with primary schools through to higher education, cleaning everything from classrooms and sports facilities to the cafeteria and toilets, from assembly halls and the library to staff rooms and student accommodation. Read more.
  • Local government: We clean across all public services and facilities, from fire and police stations to sport and recreation facilities, from libraries and civic offices to town halls and entertainment venues. Read more.
  • Social housing: We work across all types of social housing, helping to provide high quality housing, improve living conditions, deliver value for money and give vulnerable people a place called home. Read more.
  • Commercial organisations: We work with commercial organisations of all shapes and sizes, from prestigious entertainment venues and transport hubs to leading blue chip offices and managing agents for business parks. Read more.

Our customers

Creating safe, clean and hygienic environments for forward thinking organisations.

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