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Our how: We look after our people, so that they look after our customers. We are highly trained, motivated and innovative.

  • By our people we mean: Everything. In that our people mean everything to Nviro, without them we wouldn’t have anything. From the frontline to supervisors and managers, from admin and business support to the managing director. Our supply partners – those we work with from the front line to the back office. These are our people. This is Nviro. Read more
  • By our customers we mean: This is the hundreds of organisations we are contracted with, and their stakeholders with whom we build mutually rewarding relationships. This is the millions of building and facility users – employees, students, residents, civil servants, citizens, visitors, customers and so many more.
  • By trained we mean: Training never stops at Nviro. You will always benefit from the right people who know how to do their job, with the right skills and the right tools. Our people receive intensive and ongoing training so they are technically competent and able to deliver against the specification.
  • By motivated we mean: Staff retention is something we are very proud of at Nviro. It is important that our people stay with us and do an excellent job, so we work hard to create an environment so our people can thrive. The culture, values and support makes every single one of us take pride in our work, and enjoy it. We call it discretional effort.
  • By innovative we mean: Our people are empowered to innovate in the face of a challenge. Within the framework of our Continuous Improvement Programme they are supported to identify, propose and implement new ideas, techniques and technology. They anticipate your needs and challenge the status quo, looking for ways to improve, continuously.
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73% of our team have been with the company for over one year, representing a staff turnover of 26% against an industry average of greater than 50%.

It’s because we value our staff, so do our customers.

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