Why Nviro

“I want a cleaning company I can trust to go the extra mile so everyone can feel great about where they work”

It is our job to be more than a cleaning company

It’s why you are different

Well, this is the part where we tell you why we are better than competition. At least, that’s what every other cleaning company will do and we are sure that you have heard it all before. But it’s not why we are different that matters, all we care about is why you are different. We recognise that every sector, every organisation, every building and every user type has different needs.

Additionally, we understand that your buildings are the fabric of your organisation. They are at the very core of the environment in which your people can thrive. The people who depend upon them every day, and who you depend upon every day. We believe that safe, clean and hygienic environments that create a pleasure to the senses, while improving or maintaining the health of your people, is imperative in achieving this.

It’s this appreciation that we bring to everything we do and every relationship we build here at Nviro – whether you’re a customer, a building user or a member of our team.

Five reasons why you should choose Nviro

  1. We always deliver and innovate with your goals in mind – We always begin, and continue, by asking ourselves how we can improve your environment in a way that will help you achieve your goals and how, together, we can shine.
  2. We create environments in which your people can thrive – With your goals in mind, we are committed to providing safe, clean and hygienic environments that positively impact on the health, safety and well-being (and ultimately the performance) of your people.
  3. We consistently clean with a conscience – We strive to improve the welfare of your building users, impact on all five senses and relentlessly ask ourselves: ‘Would I want to work, study, live or play here’.
  4. We look after our people so they achieve this for you – We take pride in our highly trained team that is fully supported and rewarded to work to exceptional standards, as well as innovate to continually improve the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of your buildings.
  5. We believe in delivering financial value to our customers – We only work to our own standards and need to create financial value ourselves. But our services create environments that help you to thrive, therefore delivering financial value. Feel free to challenge us on this, we can prove it!

Our Why

We exist for the sole purpose of consistently providing safe, clean and hygienic environments in which your people can thrive.

How we help

Our How

We look after our people, so that they look after our customers. We are highly trained, motivated and innovative.

How we work

Our what

We look after our people, so that they look after you. We are highly trained, motivated and innovative.

Who we help

Our values


We care deeply about what we do, how we do it and why we do it

We have the spirit to help each other and our customers grow. We are driven in our thirst for continuous improvement. We care deeply about providing environments in which we and our customers can thrive.


We work proactively and supportively to achieve mutual goals

We work together with our customers to understand and tackle all their differing needs. We work as a team to share our knowledge and expertise to deliver the best solutions. We can be relied upon and encourage and support each other at all times.


We view struggles as opportunities to learn and grow

We approach challenging situations with optimism and flexibility. We persevere and finish what we set out to do.


We act honestly and value everyone’s uniqueness

We are open and honest in our intentions. We value people’s differences. We foster a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treat everyone fairly.

Be part of our story. It's time to shine.

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