"I want a contract cleaning company that cares as much about the wellbeing and future of our students as we do"

At Nviro we clean with a conscience.

Cleaning services for education

Creating thriving environments that support student life.

Do you want to raise standards within your educational establishment? Have you made the link between the physical learning environment and overall performance? Would you like a cleaning contractor that ‘gets it’? If this sounds like you then look no further than Nviro.

From primary through to higher education, from routine cleaning through to specialist and challenging, you are in good hands with Nviro.

Your facilities need to be maintained to a level that exceeds your reputation and creates an environment in which your students can thrive – your performance depends on it. This motivates our team at all levels, in every task, every day. And when it comes to the education sector, this is exactly what we mean when we say ‘cleaning with a conscience’.

Because shaping our future generation never stops

We’ve been contract cleaning in the sector for 25 years and quite literally have it down to a fine art. We understand the varying and complex demands of different educational establishments and how your requirements change throughout the academic year.

With Nviro you will benefit from an exceptionally reliable cleaning contractor that works hard, is prepared for the expected and ready for the unpredictable.

Why should you choose Nviro?

  • Education Experts: We know the education sector inside out, so you benefit from a partner that is familiar with your challenges and how to overcome them effectively.
  • Bespoke Solution: Your learning facilities and cleaning requirements are completely unique, and so we will work with you to design a solution specifically to meet your goals.
  • Exceptional Performance: Do you want to see the best KPI reports in the industry? You will receive comprehensive reports for transparency and to support continual improvement.
  • Local Provider: It is likely that we already clean for schools in your area, which means we could offer savings in comparison with larger, national cleaning companies.
  • Legal Compliance: Have peace of mind with a cleaning contractor that understands and complies with all relevant legislation, including the School Premises Regulations 2012.
  • Sustainability: ‘Cleaning with a conscience’ also helps us protect the environment and with our ISO 14001:2015 accreditation, we can help with your sustainability targets as well.
  • Framework Agreements: We are accustomed to surpassing requirements and working within framework agreements, providing cleaning services to meet individual specifications.

Specialist services for education establishments

We go as far as to say there isn’t anything that we can’t do or won’t do. We provide a full-service cleaning solution for your routine and specialist needs – whatever it takes to keep your establishment safe, clean and hygienic so that your people can thrive.

  • Full-Facility Cleaning: From classrooms and sports facilities to the cafeteria and toilets, from assembly halls and the library to staff rooms and student accommodation, we have it covered.
  • Campus Expertise: Whether single site or multi-campus, we manage operations successfully over widespread geographic areas, maintaining the highest consistent standards.
  • Faculty Appreciation: If you have a wide range of facilities for different academic or vocational specialisms, our solutions ensure that specific requirements are fully met.
  • Student Accommodation: You can count on us for both regular cleaning and turning around accommodation after student departures, as well as porter services.
  • Venue Hire: Offering commercial conference and facility hire offers an important revenue stream, we provide a quick and thorough turnaround before or after any event.

Creating thriving environments for forward thinking educational establishments

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Creating safe, clean and hygienic environments for forward thinking organisations.

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