“Creating environments in which people can thrive extends to the wider community in which we live, work and play”

Because our future depends on it

Creating a thriving community

Like any thriving business, we have a very keen eye on achieving commercial success – but only in ways that honour ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment. For us, there are five key areas in which we are 100% committed to developing responsible methods of business management. They are:

  • Our employees
  • Our customers
  • Our community
  • Our suppliers
  • Our environment

You can view our full CSR policy here

Shaping a better world

One of the best ways to for us to show our commitment to the local community is by supporting regional initiatives, in particular charities.

This year, we have chosen to support The Rainbow Centre, an educational facility for those with neurological impairment, in Fareham. The Centre is crucial in the provision of conductive education – a teaching method which helps children with Cerebral Palsy create new neurological pathways to increase mobility.

The Centre has set a standard of excellence internationally, and has produced fantastic results with regular success stories of children learning to walk who might otherwise have been confined to a wheelchair for life. For some however, even the ability to untie a shoe might not have been possible without the intervention of the staff at the Centre.

We were bowled over by the work that they do and understand the importance of financially supporting a charity which receives no statutory funding. The Centre is, and continues to be, a place where the impossible is made possible for both children and families.


For more information about the support that The Rainbow Centre provides, please visit its website

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