Routine Cleaning

Routine Cleaning Services

Don’t be fooled by the name. We believe that routine cleaning is the most important component of any cleaning contract. ‘General’, ‘normal’, ‘daily’, whatever you call it, excellent routine cleaning is the only way to keep a building looking its absolute best.

At Nviro, routine cleaning contracts are our bread and butter – getting it right on a daily basis means that you know your buildings and facilities will always look their best for your visitors, staff and students. We aim to set the benchmark with our ethos of providing clean, hygienic and safe environments that create a pleasure to the senses, while improving or maintaining the health of the building users.

Getting started

It all begins with an in-depth discussion with stakeholders to understand your needs and challenges, and a thorough site survey to capture details around the fabric and use of the buildings. What are the buildings used for? Who uses the buildings and when? What outputs do you expect? What is working well? What areas need extra attention? What are the floors made of? These are just a few of the hundreds of observations we will need to make to formulate the perfect solution for you.

Crafting the perfect solution

Taking into account your needs, challenges and expectations, our visual inspection of your site and the current cleaning regime, we get to work on a proposed solution specifically for you. We consider your current cleaning provision, but we won’t be led by it. The point is to create the best possible solution for you, from the ground up.

We use a combination of our experience and BICSc productivity levels to ascertain how many hours, cleaning staff and supervisory support is required to run your contract. Then we immediately look for efficiencies by considering alternative cleaning methodologies and ensuring we are using the latest equipment. At this point we are ready to present you with your solution.

Getting the ball rolling

Once you’ve accepted our proposal our Mobilisation Manager will liaise with your point of contact to begin the process of mobilisation/implementation. If there’s TUPE to consider, we will consider it. If there is a requirement to have staff DBS checked, we will arrange that too.

The mobilisation period typically takes around six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements. However, with Nviro, mobilisation never really stops because we are always looking for new ways to enhance service delivery at your site.

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