Sometimes you just need some expert advice. Whether that’s a review of your current specification or general advice on best practice, our consultants can help you ensure the best outcome for your building users.

  • Cleaning Health Checks: Be assured of your service with a deep dive into your cleaning provision. From quality and staffing to chemical supply and training, our health checks help you to get the best out of your cleaning.
  • Hygiene Programmes: We make the difference between ‘clean’ and ‘hygienic’ – and you need to be assured that your building monitors its hygiene levels. Our programmes can assure your building users that their facilities are clean and hygienic, so you can have peace of mind that your environment is safe
  • Specialist Services: Tricky stains you can’t get rid of, or simply struggling to find a solution to a troublesome issue? As cleaning and hygiene experts, our teams are more than happy to help you maintain your estate to the platinum standard it deserves.

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