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Ofsted inspections: Top things to consider

Ofsted inspections can be a challenging and stressful time for many teachers.  Of course, there are some who subscribe to the belief that there is no need for schools to prepare at all, and that every working day should be an example of exemplary performance. However, this misses one vital point. After all, you would

Date posted: 8th Jul 2015

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Birmingham schools could be transformed by private sector

Businesses could help to radically transform the schools in Birmingham, according to new research. Tim Boyes, chairman of Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), believes that the private sector could result in schools being less polarised and divided. Birmingham City Council selected Mr Boyes to drive change at schools in the city after fears about extremists operating

Date posted: 14th Apr 2015

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Schools to see a reduction in back-office spending

Schools will see a reduction in back-office spending, according to the recently released Budget document. Instead, the government claimed that more money will be spent on teachers, while there will also be measures to improve benchmarking information so that schools can compare spending. In addition, parents will also be able to access information, detailing how

Date posted: 19th Mar 2015

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Classroom design ‘has a major impact on learning’

The design and appearance of classrooms and schools in the UK can have a major impact on the performance of primary school pupils, according to a new report. Researchers from the University of Salford conducted detailed surveys of 153 classrooms from 27 different schools. Overall, the study collected performance statistics for 3,766 pupils. The analysis

Date posted: 13th Mar 2015

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Govt announces a £6bn funding boost for British schools

More investment is being channelled into schools across the country, it has been revealed. It has recently been announced that around £4 billion of schools capital funding will be made available to educational facilities for the next three years. Furthermore, the government revealed that it will spend roughly £2 billion on the second installment of

Date posted: 6th Mar 2015

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Street cleaning cuts proposed by Walsall Council

Proposals which offer alternatives to cuts street cleaning in the West Midlands has been put forward, according to recent reports. In Walsall, members of the Conservative opposition party put forward plans to slash the street cleaning budget and reduced the number of libraries. The original plans submitted by Walsall Council means that instead of cleaning

Date posted: 26th Feb 2015

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British schools ‘in urgent need of renovation’

The upcoming elections has seen all parties pledge to improve the state of schools in the country. The quality of education is always a fiercely debated topic among politicians, as they battle to get elected by the public. Over the years much investment has gone into improving the quality of education, with the introduction of

Date posted: 29th Jan 2015

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Primary school standards slipping in Wales

Primary school standards in Wales are on the decline, according to new findings. A report published by education watchdog Estyn revealed that around two in three primary schools required intervention due to shortcomings. The statistics also showed that the proportion of primary schools with good or excellent standards fell from seven in ten to just

Date posted: 27th Jan 2015

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Report highlights shortage in school places

There is a chronic shortage of available school places, according to new research.  A report published by the Local Government Association (LGA) revealed that the cost of creating places for the 880,000 extra pupils expected in England by 2023 could place schools under extreme pressure. The LGA wants the government to fully fund the cost

Date posted: 13th Jan 2015

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Promoting health and safety within a school setting

Therefore, it is essential for all of those involved in the management and organisation of a school to take a sensible approach to mitigating potential risks within an educational setting. Most schools have a safety policy in place and apply it practically to the real risks in the school. In addition, key staff members will

Date posted: 8th Dec 2014

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Preparing for an Ofsted inspection

Ofsted inspections are something that strikes fear into the heart of many schools. However, it needn't be that way. As long as schools make basic preparations ahead of the visit, then there is no reason to get into a panic, unless there are significant failures in the educational achievement of the pupils who attend. However,

Date posted: 27th Nov 2014

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Why facilities management is important in a school setting

Facilities management is an important aspect of managing a property – particularly when it comes to education. Ensuring that a school meets strict minimum standards is an essential of providing a good education and adequate resources for all of those who use it. However, when it comes to discussions about education, the conditions of the

Date posted: 20th Nov 2014

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