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Eyes and citrus are the key to good hygiene

Eyes and citrus fruits could be the key to cutting bacterial hospital infections, a new report has suggested. A joint report published by Professor Ivo Vlaev, of Warwick Business School, Dominic King and Ara Darzi, of Imperial College London, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Ruth Everett-Thomas and David Birnbach, of the University of Miami examined behavioural patterns to

Date posted: 5th Jan 2016

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The evolution of cleaning technology

Over the last few weeks, there have been many initiatives designed to change the way we approach cleaning. Whether it is cleaning our carpets, spritzing street walls or hygiene in a medical setting, there are literally endless applications to cleaning technology. In this article, we discuss some of the main developments to have taken place

Date posted: 22nd Dec 2015

Posted In: Local Authority & Housing

Time poor Brits ‘delegating household chores to cleaning firms’

A growing number of consumers are taking a break from cleaning this Christmas, according to new findings. Research published by revealed that collectively, Brits have spent £1.3 billion on domestic help. Rather than undertaking the tedious and somewhat unglamourous task of scrubbing floors and polishing windows this season, many consumers would instead prefer to

Date posted: 18th Dec 2015

Posted In: Local Authority & Housing

Super sponge ‘could help clean the environment’

Sponges are popular items to clean up spills and stains around the home and the workplace. However, Australian researchers have come up with a way to clean up oil spills, not just on ordinary surfaces but on one of the biggest surfaces of all – the ocean. By using a super sponge, scientists may one

Date posted: 18th Dec 2015

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Christmas cleaning tips for the busy homeowner

Christmas is a hectic period for most people, with it being a time when many of us have family or friends coming to visit. Although it is a traditionally a time when people are supposed to kick back and relax, many find themselves frantically rushing around in the kitchen, preparing festive banquets and wrapping up

Date posted: 1st Dec 2015

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Tackling germs and injuries

Many people are unwittingly harbouring germs in the home due to lax cleaning practices. Many people may be harbouring dangerous germs in the home due to lax hygiene practices, according to new findings. Some 1,500 people were polled for the study, which found that the vast majority (80 per cent) of people they polled allowed

Date posted: 20th Nov 2015

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Filthy loos and waste recycling

Unclean toilets are among the top grievances of consumers, according to new findings. A study published by Event Washrooms surveyed 2,000 members of the British public. It found that in addition to filthy loos, many consumers also complained about running out of vital supplies such as toilet paper, with 30 per cent of people citing

Date posted: 18th Nov 2015

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Infections ‘a major issue in EU hospitals’

Infection rates are a major problem among many hospitals across Europe, new research has shown. Findings published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that of every 100 hospitalised patients in developed countries, seven will acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI). This is only slightly higher than in developing countries, where ten out of

Date posted: 11th Nov 2015

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Unclean beds harbour bacteria and fungi

Our beds may be one of the main causes of ill-health, a report has suggested. A new scientific study has found that many Brits are sleeping on beds full of  bacteria, yeasts and moulds that thrive in the mattresses we sleep upon. This is helping to lead to a spike in the number of allergies

Date posted: 5th Nov 2015

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Fly-tipping on the rise across England

Fly-tipping has become a major problem in the UK, according to a new report.  Data published by local authorities across the UK showed that despite the threat of more severe fines for those convicted of the illegal dumping of waste, many people still continue to fly tip.  This is costing authorities thousands to clear up. 

Date posted: 30th Oct 2015

Posted In: Local Authority & Housing