University of Chichester

Delivering cost efficiencies through a streamlined cleaning service

The University of Chichester is spread across two campuses, which lie ten miles apart in Chichester and Bognor Regis. The University has around 5000 students and 600 staff. At each campus there is a full mix of administration, academic and residential buildings, with a total of 700 student bedrooms across both sites. The University required a contract cleaner capable of delivering consistently high standards of cleaning across all sites, whilst delivering measurable cost-efficiencies.

The University Challenge

In 2009 the University’s Estates Team overhauled the cleaning specification and issued a combined input and output specification which challenged contractors to deliver high standards in all areas, but required the bidders to provide four alternative solutions based on different frequencies of cleaning in student bedrooms, communal areas of residences and administration areas. Teaching areas were considered sacrosanct. The University also asked bidders to price for its summer conferencing programme involving upwards of 25,000 overnight stays along with the requisite daily servicing of rooms and laundry management.

Getting it right matters to us

At Nviro we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So we take time to understand your brief and assess the challenges. We work with you honestly and openly to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution, backed up by professional and expert management to fit your specific cleaning needs. And as our name Nviro suggests, we focus hard on the environment too. So we can help you meet your sustainability targets. Best of all, we take the pressure off, so you can focus on other priorities. Simply put, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. – See more at:

The Nviro Solution

In awarding the contract to Nviro, the University decided to proceed with a specification, which represented a fairly significant reduction against the current position. Nviro presented and agreed a mobilisation plan with the Estates Team that established a structured process for reducing the staffing complement post transfer. Another key challenge for Nviro was that the contract started in June, meaning that the first task was to carry out the deep clean of the residences, followed immediately with the conferencing programme. All in all a complex start to the new relationship!

Within twelve months the restructuring programme was complete and Nviro had implemented its new on-site management structure of an overall Contract Manager supported by site managers at each campus and their teams of cleaning operatives, day janitors and litter pickers. The staff transfer process and subsequent reduction in staff was overseen by Nviro’s Human Resources Manager with close involvement from the University’s own HR Department. This close partnership allowed Nviro to benefit from the University’s firsthand knowledge of the custom and practice that had developed under the previous contract which added a great deal of clarity to the consultation process.

Now the contract has settled down, Nviro is focusing on the ‘day job’ of maintaining high standards, training staff and living up to the University’s high standards as set out in a jointly agreed SLA. At monthly meetings, Nviro presents a set of KPIs to the Estates Team – including hours delivered, staff training, standards inspections, uniform, health and safety and the environment – which form the basis for discussion of contract performance.