London Borough of Hounslow

The Hounslow Civic Centre Challenge

How to effectively clean around a busy public space

Hounslow Civic Centre is the pulse point for all council related activity situated in the London Borough of Hounslow, West London. A busy office, public services contact site and conference venue, the Centre sees footfall from around 160,000 customers a year in addition to its 2,800 strong workforce. Nviro was approached to deliver a highly bespoke solution appropriate for a multi-use site. Particular attention was to be paid to creating a cleaning schedule which complements, and does not hinder, the carrying out of the many different activities in the building. Additionally, the Centre has a Victorian wedding and civil partnership venue where ceremonies take place at the weekend, requiring extra event cleaning and ‘out of hours’ service.

Getting it right matters to us

At Nviro we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So we take time to understand your brief and assess the challenges. We work with you honestly and openly to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution, backed up by professional and expert management to fit your specific cleaning needs to get the best from your contract cleaner. And as our name Nviro (pronounced en-viro) suggests, we focus hard on the environment too. So we can help you meet your sustainability targets. Best of all, we take the pressure off, so you can focus on other priorities. Simply put, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

The Nviro Solution


The first step in the process was to assess the ways in which the building was used, when and by whom. It was determined that the public counters, canteen, conference facilities and office space were all used by different people at very different days and times. Similarly, different departments including the Mayoral Office were found to operate independently and therefore a suitable solution was required to address the diverse demands and needs of each group of customers.


A cleaning system was devised which was aimed at reducing disruption by identifying the most favourable times to clean. These ‘windows of opportunity’ were then compiled in order to effectively strategize a cleaning roster which would avoid disturbances throughout the Centre.


In order to meet the highly complex and busy cleaning schedules, 28 cleaning operatives were appointed to provide early morning and evening cleaning across the site. Owing to the amount of visitors to the Centre throughout the day, it was decided to appoint a Day Janitor, whose job it is to maintain levels of cleanliness during opening hours. Day Monitors were also selected to replenish cleaning materials and toiletries for facilities used by the public. The entire contract is overseen by a Service Manager and a Site Supervisor.

Periodic & Variation Work

The presence of the conference suites and wedding and civil partnership venues requires a reactive approach to cleaning; these facilities may be booked months in advance or as a last minute arrangement. Nviro has the flexibility to provide a rapid response to emergency cleaning outside of the specification in these situations, thus ensuring a consistently high finish at all times. Nviro also carries out periodic carpet cleaning, as well as ‘strip and seal’ of wooden flooring across the Centre.

Added Value

Nviro attend monthly progress meetings and on a three monthly basis Nviro senior management meet with the client for a thorough contract review including quality standards, helpdesk callouts, training undertaken, health and safety issues, staff turnover and client satisfaction.