The Gurit Challenge

Gurit UK Ltd is a world leader in composite materials, developing and producing heavy duty plastics which are used worldwide by the aerospace, automotive, marine and winter sports industries. The company’s UK headquarters is on the Isle of Wight and portraying a professional and pristine image to its clients is essential. For many years Gurit’s cleaning requirements were fulfilled in-house, but this was both time consuming and costly. Tony Green, Facilities Manager at Gurit, decided to investigate outsourcing as a more economic solution.

The Result

Gurit has successfully outsourced its cleaning contract and is benefiting from saving both time and money. Tony Green said: “Our company image is very important to us and it was a big decision to entrust that to an outside supplier. The team at Nviro presented me with a professional proposal, which was personalised to Gurit and gave me the confidence that they could handle the job”.

Getting it right matters to us

Nviro is a leading provider of cleaning services in the South of England. It offers tailor made cleaning solutions to more than 200 public and private sector organisations, covering 600 sites across the region – from Brighton to Bournemouth in the south and up to Reading and London in the north.

The company takes pride in its professionalism, using key performance indicators to drive constant improvement. Working in partnership with your business, Nviro finds the most effective and efficient ways to achieve your requirements, delivering a flexible, high quality service that exceeds expectations.

The Nviro Solution

After conducting a site visit, Nviro established that Gurit would require nine staff, including four full-time day cleaners working in and around the factory areas, four night cleaners for the offices and a full time Facilities Supervisor. Nviro’s dedicated Contract Transfer Team then ensured a smooth changeover, managing the entire outsourcing process, including all staff TUPE entitlements. An unusual feature of the mobilisation was the high number of risk assessments carried out due to the nature of the client’s business. For example it was necessary to consider the diverse range of chemicals held on site as part of the manufacturing process. In addition to bespoke health and safety training, making them aware of potential hazards and the importance of protective clothing, new joiners receive a full Gurit induction so as to gain an understanding of the client company’s ethos. The current Nviro cleaning team is a combination of original transferring staff and new recruits.

As it’s name would suggest, Nviro is keen to adopt green cleaning methods – the company earned ISO 14001 Accreditation in 2005 – and at Gurit is trialling the revolutionary diamond cleaning pad system on hard floors. In a somewhat counter-intuitive technology, cleaning pads encrusted with millions of microscopic diamonds deliver a high sheen without the use of water, polish or chemicals. Finally, to ensure continued client satisfaction and maintain high standards, key performance indicators (KPIs) have been put in place to monitor standards, health and safety and staff turnover. These KPIs are reviewed quarterly, specifically tailored to Gurit’s requirements and used to set targets for improvement.