The Bayer Challenge

How to deliver cost efficiencies without compromising standards

Bayer plc, part of Bayer AG, the global healthcare, nutrition and high tech materials company wanted impeccable cleaning standards at its prestigious UK Head Office in Newbury. The formal tender brief included management of the cleaning service without any operational assistance from facilities, but with formal quarterly meetings to review performance. The total area to be cleaned was 9983 square metres over three floors, including a 100-seat restaurant. The chosen contract cleaner service was to include daily cleaning, window cleaning and the supply of washroom consumables. The client provided an output specification and the initial bids were made blind, i.e. without TUPE information.

Getting it right matters to us

At Nviro we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So we take time to understand your brief and assess the challenges. We work with you honestly and openly to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution, backed up by professional and expert management to fit your specific cleaning needs to get the best from your contract cleaner. And as our name Nviro (pronounced en-viro) suggests, we focus hard on the environment too. So we can help you meet your sustainability targets. Best of all, we take the pressure off, so you can focus on other priorities. Simply put, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. – See more at:

The Nviro Solution

Menu pricing

Nviro responded by providing three alternative costings: a ‘value’ proposal designed to achieve the output specification and no more; an ‘industry benchmark’ proposal based on BICSc productivities and a ‘premier’ specification based on higher frequencies and increased levels of day cleaning. As a result the Bayer team invited Nviro to a site visit and interview at which they outlined their key aspirations for the new contract, provided TUPE information and asked Nviro to incorporate the new information into a revised proposal based on the ‘premier’ solution.

Restructuring timetable

Despite the high specification, by deploying the team more effectively Nviro was able to propose a reduction in resource versus the current complement. The cleaning structure was transitioned to the newly agreed levels over an eight-month period. Nviro’s HR Manager and Occupational Health Advisor were closely involved throughout to ensure staffing issues were dealt with quickly and effectively, including a sensitive case of long term sickness.

Highly detailed room-by-room specification

With cleaning frequencies designed to suit the varying intensity of usage in different areas, the cleaning team deployed included a morning cleaner working from 5am until 8am cleaning the main reception, day janitor cover from 8am to 4pm refreshing the hygiene areas and attending to spillages and a non-working supervisor managing the work of twelve cleaners on the evening shift between 4pm and 8pm. The result was cleaning cover throughout the Bayer working day.

Added value

Nviro attend monthly progress meetings and on a three monthly basis Nviro senior management meet with the client for a thorough contract review including quality standards, helpdesk callouts, training undertaken, health and safety issues, staff turnover and client satisfaction. – See more at: