The Brighton Centre


Charlotte Sleven, Training and SHEQ Manager:

“When we took over the contract at the Brighton Centre, it was no small undertaking, like any contract we take over large or small. They all have their own services and their own unique qualities that we need to consider.

So we need to make sure that we mobilise the contract properly and we offer value for money, and the improvements as quickly as possible.

Mobilising a contract is really important, right from the beginning. If you don’t mobilise a contract and put the correct time and effort into it, you’re literally setting yourselves up to fail. This is why we’ve developed a mobilisation template and we’ve honed everything down to a fine art.”

Don Hurley, Operations Manager for The Brighton Centre

“The value that Nviro have added to the business, is that we’ve seen a marked improvement in how the building is kept, the facilities how they’re cleaned, and we’re a very large venue – we could have over five and half thousand people through our doors at any one time – and, for our turnaround of business, the building has to be cleaned to a very high standard, and we see that day after day.

We do have major clients who use the site – we have political parties like the Labour party, Lib Dems [sic], Brighton and Hove City Council, and lots of concerts clients as well.

There’s very good communication, not just for myself, I work very closely with the Nviro team here, but also so do the other managers. And, for each event, we liaise directly, you know we can have weekly meetings and we walk around the venue and look at anything that needs to be done, and it gets done straight away.”

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