About Nviro


With a name like Nviro (pronounced en-viro) it won’t come as too much of a surprise to you that we focus hard on the environmental impact of our operations. In fact sustainability sits at the heart of everything we are and do.

We were awarded ISO14001 back in May 2005 but haven’t sat back and relaxed. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to help our clients meet their sustainability targets too.

As part of our accreditation we have developed an Environmental Management System that significantly reduces our impact on the environment in four critical areas:

  • Cleaning materials
  • Machinery
  • Paper and plastics
  • Vehicles

Our environmental initiatives range from sponsoring recycling bins in schools and colleges to working with clients on their own waste management and recycling programmes.

A sustainability success story

Brighton and Hove City Council is one of the leading green councils in the country. As part of our open book cleaning contract with them, we jointly agreed to invest cleaning efficiency savings into a city-wide Waste Analysis Composition Study to find out exactly how much waste could be recycled at Council operated buildings. The outcome was the introduction at the Council’s four main offices of full-time Nviro employees patrolling the buildings to collect recyclables during the day using specially designed trolleys and removing them to central collection points.

We’re always looking to do better

To minimise the use of chemicals and to clean more quickly, we have recently rolled out flat mopping systems and microfibre technology to the majority of our cleaning locations. We have also introduced new cleaning products which are EU Ecoflower accredited (meaning, in simple terms, that the constituents harmful to people and the environment have been removed without reducing cleaning effectiveness). These initiatives give Nviro clients the double whammy benefit of improved cleaning standards and support for their sustainability agendas – not bad for the lowly cleaning contractor!