About Nviro

How we work

Providing what today’s Facilities Managers demand:

We believe in listening to what our clients want so we can deliver the service they need. Recent Nviro research gave us more insight into exactly what today’s facilities managers look for in a cleaning company.

“Co-operation from both management and cleaning staff”

We are responsive to client requirements and proactive in identifying issues and opportunities. For example, if you have a short term need for additional resources or to divert cleaners from one area to another, we will manage our delivery to offer the best solution without compromising on quality. You will also find our site teams are empowered to act rather than refer decisions up the line. We schedule regular client meetings as part of our client relationship building programme and, being a regional cleaning company, our off-site managers are easily contactable and available at short notice.

“Professional management”

From cleaning and discussing client needs to developing formal specifications and quality control systems – Nviro offers the ultimate professional service. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor our delivery across key areas such as cleaning standards, meeting attendance, health and safety and overall client satisfaction help to reassure you that pre-agreed standards of cleaning and contract management are being maintained and real value for money is being achieved.

“Reliability and efficiency”

Delivering a consistently high quality and dependable cleaning service depends on the quality of your frontline staff. We are only as good as our front line cleaning teams, yet recruiting and retaining high calibre staff is one of the toughest tasks for a cleaning company. The Nviro solution is to promote a happy workforce, with good employment conditions, training and support.

  • All new employees receive both induction and refresher training, keeping them up-to-date with new techniques, products and changes in legislation
  • As far as possible, staff are encouraged to develop their skills and talents to enable them to progress within the company and reach their full potential
  • Staff satisfaction is continually measured by our Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • We provide mobile support teams of cleaners and supervisors to provide extra cover

“Effective communication”

Organisations are under increasing pressure to balance financial targets with improved cleaning performance. We help you achieve this balance with a partnership approach based on trust, co-operation and openness.

  • We work closely with you to identify and agree mutual objectives and targets
  • We guide you through the right specification
  • We explain issues such as TUPE legislation and Health and Safety standards
  • We work with you to implement recycling and other environmental schemes
  • We measure progress through our KPIs to ensure value for money
  • We conduct annual Efficiency Reviews to drive costs down
  • We provide open channels of communication at all levels
  • We make sure our managers are easily contactable
  • We invest heavily in machines and materials
  • We ensure the correct equipment is used for each job
  • We ensure our people know how to achieve the best results

“Excellent standards of cleaning”

You need to be confident that staff are sufficiently trained and using good quality equipment to achieve a consistently clean environment. Nviro provides that confidence by placing great emphasis on the quality of our equipment and people, and by strictly monitoring our performance.

As part of our ISO 9001 governed Quality Management System:

  • We create processes to ensure staff understand your cleaning specification
  • We audit the consistent use and implementation of these procedures

“New innovation”

We are constantly striving for service innovation to improve our performance and make life easier for our clients.

  • We have a system to help you measure your internal stakeholders’ satisfaction with our service to ensure you have made the right decision
  • We arrange different working hours to suit clients and cleaners. For example, Daytime Cleaning can achieve energy cost savings, improve cleaning quality and boost cleaner motivation
  • We offer a Mobilisation Team to smooth the transfer process when you switch contractors
  • We conduct annual Efficiency Reviews to help identify how changes to the operation could drive cost reductions and efficiencies
  • We have introduced flat mopping systems and micro fibre technology to most of our contracts


All new employees are put through a structured training programme while existing employees are placed on refresher courses to keep them up-to-date with new techniques, products or changes in legislation Induction Training must be completed when the employee is appointed and includes cleaning methods and health and safety.

Further Training is provided through a combination of NVQ and BICSC programmes. Site Managers and Supervisors attend off-site training on Nviro’s Front Line Manager Course where they learn skills such as Staff Performance Management, Leadership and Customer Service.

Nviro is a BICSc Accredited Training Hub. This means that our cleaning staff can be trained on-site by our own BICSc Accredited Assessors rather than having to attend a central training centre miles from their work place.

“Sustainable cleaning solutions”

As part of our ISO14001 accreditation we have developed an Environmental Management System that significantly reduces our impact on the environment in four critical areas:

  • Cleaning materials
  • Machinery
  • Paper and plastics
  • Vehicles

Our innovative environmental initiatives range from sponsoring recycling bins in schools and colleges to working with clients on their own waste management and recycling programmes. In short, we’re a contract cleaning company you can trust.