About Nviro

Environmental Policy

As an ISO 14001 accredited provider of contract cleaning and related services, Nviro is aware of its responsibilities in respect of the way its business impacts on the natural environment.
To this end the Company has developed an Environmental Management System that sets out a variety of activities and initiatives designed to manage our impact on the environment across five key areas. These are:
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning materials and the prudent use of water
  • The use of resource-efficient machinery
  • The efficient use of Company vehicles
  • The implementation of recycling activity at our own and clients’ premises
  • The implementation of best practice energy reduction activities at our own and client premises

The Company aims to exercise not merely passive compliance with legal and other requirements, but undertakes a positive action programme by setting annual objectives and targets and, wherever appropriate, adopts an open book policy on the disclosure of its environmental performance. Nviro also actively encourages both customers and suppliers to be aware of their impact on the environment and works in partnership with them to reduce that impact.

Nviro employs an Environmental Committee headed up by the Managing Director to manage our activities in the above areas. Progress towards meeting our objectives is reviewed by the Environmental Committee and the Board of Directors, via monitoring of the annually produced environmental action plan.

To ensure that activities are being implemented successfully, all Nviro employees receive environmental awareness training during induction and are expected to support the Company’s continuous improvement approach in this area, with audits of such activities being covered within the quality monitoring regime.

Nviro Board Approved, September 2015