About Nviro

10 reasons to work with us

1 Getting it right matters to us

We’re busy bees at Nviro. Whether it’s taking over a new contract, or a regular review of an existing relationship, we’re always looking for ways to deliver efficiency improvements and cost savings without compromising on quality.

Herbal Tea

Did you know, before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, people used to sprinkle tea leaves on their carpets to attract the dirt and make them easier to clean?

2 We listen

Right from the tender stage of our relationship together, we listen to you and what you want because it’s only by really understanding you and your organisation that we can design the very best cleaning solution to suit you.

3 We take time

At Nviro we strongly believe in working in partnership with our clients. So we go the extra mile to get to know you, to understand the way you like to work, so that together we can achieve your goals.

4 We take pride

Nviro cleaners take huge pride in their work. Working as we do with prestigious clients, our frontline teams instinctively understand that a beautifully clean environment reflects well on you, as well as on them.

5 We take care

Not only do we take care of your immediate environment, we also have an active commitment to protecting the planet too. So you can be sure your environmental sustainability targets are more likely to be achieved in our hands.

6 We’re honest

We foster open and frank relationships with our clients because that’s just the way we are. We won’t mislead you, there is no spin, we don’t do gloss. We’ll tell you the real cost and even give you three to choose from. That’s how open we are.

7 We’re committed

Snow, fog, hurricanes, blisters – not much stops our cleaners turning up for work. But, just in case, we have contingencies in place, plus a roaming mobile service, to ensure that no matter what, you have cleaners on site every day.

8 We’re flexible

When things go wrong, and let’s face it, they do, we’re nimble enough to think on our feet and react swiftly and effectively to put things right. Our senior managers are kept in the loop so you know you’re being looked after from the top down.

9 We’re nice people

Well, we would say that but we understand what it’s like to do your job. You need a friend in your corner fighting your cause. We also know that you put your trust in us to deliver. So the last thing we want is to let you down.

10 We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We love cleaning but we recognize that for most people it’s just a job that has to be done. That keeps our feet firmly on the ground and neatly dispenses with all that corporate hot air we know you’d rather do without.