Raising the profile in the cleaning and hygiene sector

April 12th, 2022 Category: Awards Building Management Company News

Over the last year, Covid-19 has affected us all, but Nviro has worked tirelessly to ensure that our frontline cleaners were looked after and recognised for keeping building users safe. With #cleanerssavelives and our ‘Frontline heroes’ campaign, we have been able to increase awareness about the vital role our cleaners play and the impact they have on our customers and their sites by ensuring their environments are clean, hygienic and safe. We also launched Nviro’s Heroes Day’ which celebrates the successes of our people, rewarding them with an additional day’s holiday each year. All staff also received ‘Frontline Hero’ badges, as a thank you for their efforts

In November 2021, Nviro were officially recognised as a Real Living Wage Employer and are the first large employer within the cleaning industry in the UK to pay all employees the Real living Wage as a minimum. After years of hard work and by working with customers with the same values as us, we have been able to ensure that this status was achieved. We continue to work the Real Living Wage Foundation to lobby for fair play and positive change.

Over the last 18 months in the bid to raise hygiene awareness, Nviro have been using intelligent cleaning and data to help keep building users safe. Using ATP testing we carried out over 1200 tests across our educational sites, which offers a valuable insight into hygiene levels. This means we can work with our customers to analyse and respond in the best possible way, by targeting the areas with the highest issues. This research was published in industry recognised publication ‘Education Business’, a magazine for school leaders and decision makers.

As you will see, there is a common theme through all of this……..  we look after our people. If our great people are happy and motivated, they will look after our customers, resulting in a clean, hygienic and safe environment for building users to thrive.