Why Nviro Pay the Minimum of the Real Living Wage?

November 15th, 2021 Category: Company News Industry News Staff

As the Managing Director of Nviro I am proud to say that we have an ethos of never putting “Profit before Dignity”. We believe that Thriving is only possible when the basics are covered, and that Meaningful work really matters.

As someone that came from a working-class family, I have always appreciated the struggle that some families encounter in keeping a roof over their head and food on the table. Although my Dad did come from a reasonably financially comfortable family of four, my mum grew up in a financially poor large family of eight, however she always believed that you get out of life, what you put in. As one of four I have fond memories of the Christmas’s that my parents worked hard to provide.

My deep fascination with numbers and pay started at an early age and has put me in good stead to build Nviro. At the age of 12, having spent much time in the local library, I was able to check my Dad’s payslips, making sure that his Tax and National Insurance had been deducted correctly (I was a bit of a nerd). I realised then that the tax system was there to support vulnerable people and to provide public services in what was then viewed as the most cost effective way, and I guess this was the starting point of my journey to becoming a responsible employer.

Fast forward to 1992 and I qualified as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer and then as a Chartered Accountant. This gave me the opportunity to go out into the world to use my knowledge, and to apply my beliefs. I wanted to help people and really provide services in the most cost-effective manner. I actually thought I could influence the replacement of the tax system and I was going to change the world!

As an accountant, my job was to crunch the numbers. I had the tools I needed and much reward and recognition. In 1998 the minimum wage of £3.60 per hour was introduced, this was the year before I joined Nviro. In 2007 I took on the role of Managing Director, and as I sat in my big MD’s Chair I thought “What shall I do now”?

I didn’t think for very long, when I asked myself “What if I could give the Cleaning Industry the same recognition as the Accounting Industry?”. Wouldn’t it be amazing to ensure that a Cleaner was treated in the same professional manner and with a similar reward to an Accountant? As Managing Director of Nviro it was now within my gift to influence the way in which we delivered our service and how we engaged with our people. My aspiration to make a difference was strong and my journey to becoming a Real Living Wage employer really began.

I have always loved working in the cleaning industry. In my experience, cleaning is delivered by people who care about others and deliver a service without the tools they need, and the reward and recognition they deserve.

At Nviro we are a company that cares and believes, or should I say knows, that if we look after our people they will look after our customers and its community. The Real Living Wage is a key constituent part of giving people their dignity, by rewarding them with the ability to meet their basic needs of food, water, warmth, rest, security, and safety.

So, to all those employers out there that want people to clean up after them and want them to care about you. To those that are looking for motivated hard working professionals to make your living, learning, and working environments clean, hygienic, and safe – This is what you need to do…Pay the Real Living Wage!

Our ten-year journey has been focussed on being able to pay all of our staff a fair wage that enables them to look after themselves and their families. We have taken care of their mental and physical well-being and we provide them with the tools they need to do a great job every day. Our cleaners are skilled and motivated, and they are recognised for the experts that they are – Cleaning and Hygiene Professionals.

Nviro work with partners who share our values, and we say ‘no’ to clients who do not see us as an integral part of their world. We put our people first and take our social responsibilities very seriously. We want to impact on our environment and our communities, and we want to tell everybody that our people will always come first.

The Real Living Wage is not a choice – it is a responsibility.

Brian Warren – Managing Director