Nviro’s Frontline Heroes at Hampshire Police

July 19th, 2021 Category: Company News Covid-19 Customer Press Releases Staff

Recently I had the absolute pleasure to get out and about with Frontline Manager and Hero Debbie Baker and meet and thank some of her absolutely amazing Frontline Heroes.

The first thing I was greeted with when I joined Debbie was an immaculately clean Nviro van inside and out and I could tell that Debbie definitely valued a great environment! We first visited Fareham Police Station where I met Frontline Heroes Sandy and Amy. Sandy has been with Nviro for 14 years (and with the station for over 20!) and Amy has been with us for 12 years. Both were stars and clearly passionate about their job and the station, with Sandy recently saying she had stopped justifying to others why she was a cleaner and had started to become proud of the fact! Sandy also said she had started to see a difference in Nviro and was starting to feel like a valued member of the company. Whilst I was there one of the Station’s employees walked past me and told me what a fantastic job they both do!

We then went on to Fareham Reach where I met daredevil Hero 67 year old Frankie who drives a motorcycle to work every day. Frankie has been with Nviro for 14 years and used to work in the custody cells which she found fascinating and told me many a story, some of which are not suitable to share here! It was great to see that that Frankie not only loved her job but was passionate about her outside adventures including parasailing, abseiling, ziplining and taking her family and grandchildren on luxury cruises! (Frankie was also kind enough to tell me she thought I was in my early twenties which made my day 😊).

We then visited Havant Police Station where I met frontline Hero Niki. Niki is a wonderful mum to two boys and has been with us for two years. She shared that she felt the station had a real family feel to it and the Police employees treated her as one of their own which was lovely to hear. Niki was vulnerable enough to share her personal journey with me and I take my hat off to her for the improvements she’s made in her life.

Last but not least we visited Portsmouth PIC where I met Frontline Heroes Amal, Michelle and Carole. Amal has been with us for 9 years (and with the Police for 15 years!), Michelle has been with us for 9 years and Carole for 4 years. Whilst I was there, I was privileged enough to see a presentation from Inspector Duffy to both Michelle and Carole to commemorate them for saving a member of the public’s life when they approached the station and attempted to take their own life. Inspector Duffy couldn’t speak highly enough of them and I could tell from walking around that our Nviro team are very popular with the Police staff on site. I was lucky enough to have lunch with Michelle in the Police canteen where she told me how she was teaching her 7 year old grandson to cook (both her and Debbie were horrified at me to find out I couldn’t cook).

It was an absolute pleasure to go out with Debbie for the day and I could see her true passion as a Frontline Manager where her main focus was supporting her employees, making sure they had the right chemicals and kit and helping with any pay and holiday queries.

Finally, it was amazing to meet some of our Frontline Heroes and to thank them all for their continued hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic, looking after their customers and keeping Nviro alive!

Hannah Miller – HR Director