Nviro Heroes’ Day

June 3rd, 2021 Category: Company News Covid-19 Customer Industry News Staff

Heroes’ Day, so how did it all begin? …………. We believe that if you look after your people they will look after your customers, who will look after the business, who look after the people and so on.

This is the Nviro way, the culture we promote, the values we live by and the great people who drive us forward.

I have always considered the people within our industry as fantastic but forgotten heroes. COVID-19 has meant that they truly are heroes, but they are definitely not forgotten. These heroes have kept people safe and secure and have won a myriad of battles and we should never let it be forgotten and hence the need for a legacy to reflect and remember.

So, when is Nviro Heroes’ Day? We decided on Monday 21st June. Why? Well, this is a happy day, as it’s a midsummers day and the planned day for the final lifting of lockdown and its thanks to our frontline heroes that we have been able to lift such a lockdown and begin the journey back to normality.

We have over 1400 heroes at Nviro, and I can’t thank them enough for all of their efforts. As a thank you, we came up with the idea of giving everyone a discretionary extra day’s holiday (pro rata) to celebrate and enjoy themselves.  For the past year our heroes haven’t had the time to take the extra day as they have been so busy protecting our customers, so why not pay them all an extra discretional bonus the equivalent of one day’s pay (pro rata) for last year.

Then going forward we will continue to reward our great people with an extra day’s holiday and ensure that they see taking it as a time to celebrate, rest, reflect and feel good about themselves.

I am mega excited about this day, as it is Nviro’s own, that belongs to Nviro people and can never be taken away.

Thank You to everyone at Nviro.

Brian Warren – Managing Director