Good News Story: Chief Inspector Recognition for Nviro Employee

January 8th, 2021 Category: Office Cleaning Staff

Nviro’s very own Cleaning Operative, Donna, who works on the Hampshire Police Contract, was recently presented the ‘Prevention and Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Certificate of Recognition’ award. Donna was presented with the award by the Chief Inspector in front of the Police Officers on shift, who stood up and clapped in appreciation for all of Donna’s brilliant work.

The award description reads, “Awarded to Donna Gingell in recognition of your significant support to the team of Eastleigh District, keeping our working environment safe and hygienic during the COVID pandemic 2020. Your professional attitude to your role enables officers and staff to serve the public from a safe working environment”.

Lorna Dickeson, Area Supervisor for the Hampshire Police contract commented, “I cannot tell you how immensely proud I am of her and all that she does there, representing Nviro. She is a shining example of everything we stand for, as worded on the presentation. I’ve never known this to happen to any of my staff.

Sally Madigan, Contract Manager added, “I’ve only known this to happen once before, in the last 20 years!”.

This is a fantastic achievement and we can’t congratulate Donna enough.