Good News Story: Student speaks highly of our cleaning heroes

December 16th, 2020 Category: Colleges and Higher Education Educational Establishments Press Releases

We recently received a request from a student, at one of the University’s in London, who is studying her Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management, and as a final year student, she has asked if she can write her final dissertation on Nviro!

“I’m Elisabete, presently, I’m studying Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management. As I’m a final year student, I would like to write my final dissertation on Nviro.

The reasons why I chose Nviro because firstly, it is the subcontractor at this University; I often observed the professionalism of the team members operating at campus. Each and every operation carried out by the team has a defined set of organised structure to it. Impressive.

Secondly, up to date resources are available for the staff to carry out their tasks.

The customer service of the staff members is exceptional, which reflects the effort that has been invested in staff training and education.

Finally, I had a chance to observe the staff and their routine during COVID-19, every effort is made to not only carry out as normal but also member of teams are professionally taken care in every aspect. That shows the company’s dedication towards their customers as well as their employees. Which is hard to find now a days. Please, it would be an honour for me if your company grant me this opportunity”.

Elisabete – Student

This speaks absolute volume about our staff at the University!  Our cleaning heroes are the glue of Nviro!

Thank you to Elisabete and all the best in completing her dissertation and we can’t wait to read it!