Show racism the red card

June 4th, 2020 Category: Company News Press Releases Staff

We are proud of our diverse and multicultural workforce and would like to show our support to challenge racism in society.

Nviro have donated £500 to the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, which delivers educational workshops to young people and adults in schools, workplaces and at events which challenge and help to eradicate misconceptions, stereotypes and negative attitudes in society.

We have also provided the below advice from LinkedIn members about how we can support our BAME colleagues admin the global protests against racism and police brutality and we must remember for those of us who are directly unaffected, it is a privilege to educate ourselves about racism instead of experiencing it.

Admin global protests against racism and police brutality, many people are looking for ways in which they can support BAME colleagues. Advice from LinkedIn members includes:

  • Ask your colleagues how they would like to be supported.
  • Listen and acknowledge their feelings.
  • Hold your peers and managers accountable and report any instances of racism, however big or small they may seem to you.
  • Mentor: Identify talent within teams and support them with the knowledge and opportunity to succeed.
  • Speak out, because silence is not allyship.
  • Donate to causes that further education and take action to end racism.
  • Read – seek out books to educate yourself about the history of systemic racism across the world.

Lastly please don’t feel afraid or hesitant to give Nviro any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, which can be done via your Line Manager, via our Employee Visits, directly to HR, or to (you don’t need to give your name if you don’t want to).If you would like to speak with anyone in confidence, other than your line manager, you can contact our Mental Health First Aider Hannah Atkins at