Covid-19 – Update for customers

March 17th, 2020 Category: Company News Covid-19 Industry News Press Releases

Coronavirus – Nviro update for Customers

Nviro recognises that our Customers may be worried about the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on their business and Nviro’s ability to support our customers through this.
Currently, we are operating as normal and a considerable amount of work has been undertaken in recent weeks to review our business continuity plan to ensure that it will cope with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Nviro have teams of Operatives who are trained to safely decontaminate and we are also in the process identifying additional frontline employees to be trained to deal with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Nviro use multiple Suppliers for cleaning chemicals and materials and we have increased our stock ordering and holding for items specifically related to Coronavirus. We are currently holding stock of full PPE, chemicals and clinical waste sacks, for confirmed cases of COVID-19.

However it is important to let our customers know that these items are in high demand and therefore there is currently long lead times on deliveries for certain items. This is currently across the whole cleaning industry, not just with Nviro. Due to the supply chain issues we are experiencing we are rationing our stock levels for confirmed cases only. However our Suppliers are continually updating us with the latest information on chemicals and stock so that we can keep abreast of the situation.

In terms of controlling the infection, we have provided communications to all our employees on personal health protection, travel advice, self-isolation advice and actions that will be taken within the Company to minimise the spread of the virus, in line with guidance from the Government and Public Health England (PHE). We provide communications and updates to all our employees at least once a week.

In terms of specific queries about Coronavirus and Nviro’s service to support our customers, we have created the below Q&A’s which we hope will provide further clarity, guidance and reassurance.

What should our customers be doing to prevent the spread of infection?

The main advice from the Government is to maintain good hygiene levels to prevent the spread of infection. We know that similar viruses are transferred to and by people’s hands. Therefore, regular hand hygiene and cleaning of frequently touched surfaces will help to reduce the risk of infection.

Our customers should be advising their building users to frequently wash their hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, particular on entering a building, and using hand sanitiser, if available, in-between washes.

We are able to provide you with PHE posters and guidelines should you require them.

How can Nviro help our customers to prevent the spread of infection?

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we encourage our customers to increase cleaning of touch points and hard surfaces to remove bodily fluids through respiration and hand transfer. This can be achieved by amending the current service arrangements or increasing resource levels, both of which would be supported by the introduction of Vircuidal disinfectants. On a case by case basis your Service Manager will be able to advise you of the options available and make the necessary arrangements. All additional resource and materials costs will be communicated, as options are explored and stock levels monitored.

Any short term contractual changes will need to be put into writing and communicated with Nviro via email and this needs to be authorised.

Can Nviro carry out precautionary deep cleans?

Yes we can help on a case by case basis. However our additional resources are being mobilised to deal with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Additional resource requests whether that be for general or deep cleaning can be discussed with your Service Manager and any way we can support will be discussed with you.

What should customers do if they have a suspected case of COVID-19 at their site?

A suspected case means an individual using a customer’s premises, has presented symptoms and is currently undergoing a test for COVID-19 as advised by a medical professional, but the results of the test have not yet been confirmed. The Government have currently placed no restrictions or special control measures while laboratory test results for COVID19 are awaited. We are currently finding that people are being tested and getting results back within 24 hours.

In particular, the Government have advised that there is no need to close the workplace or send other staff home at this point. Most possible cases turn out to be negative. Therefore, until the outcome of the test results is known there is no action that the workplace needs to take, other than normal cleaning.

What should customers do if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at their site?

A confirmed case, is when an individual using a customer’s premises has had a positive test result for COVID-19 and this is confirmed by Public Health England (PHE).

In the instance of a confirmed case, the management team of the site will be contacted by the PHE local Health Protection Team to discuss the case and advise on any actions or precautions that should be taken, which will include advice about cleaning.

Please contact your Service Manager to report to us if you have a confirmed case. Our Service Manager will seek guidance from our Commercial Executive and Health and Safety Consultant who can advise on the level of deep cleaning needed, the appropriate specialist equipment and the correct level of PPE.

Each circumstance will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We have full Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and Safe Systems of working in place for confirmed cases of COVID-19. For reassurance our RAMs cover PPE and clinical waste.

What consumables are available to order?

Supply and demand on stocks and materials associated with Coronavirus are in short supply with long lead times for deliveries. Also the current stresses on our supply chain has had a knock on effect to the ordering and delivery of day to day items. Our recommendation is that you place orders where possible and try to ensure you have at least 2 months stock. Orders for consumables can be put through as normal.

Hand sanitiser

Due to the high demand of hand sanitisers Nviro have reduced the catalogue of products to one option, which is a table top dispensing pump. The size and branding of this product may vary on a case by case basis. The order minimum is a case of 6. We can’t guarantee the size of the bottle but the minimum size received will be 250ml.


We have resourced numerous disinfects that can be purchased to support the delivery of safe and hygienic environments which your Service Manager will discuss with you. We are working with our Suppliers who are currently sourcing disinfectants that are being tested against COVID-19 and we expect them to be available soon.

What happens if a customer site closes?

If a Customer closes a site as a precaution or due to government guidance, but there are no confirmed cases, Nviro Operatives can continue to enter the site and provide cleaning under normal method statements and risk assessments.

If the site closes as there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, Public Health England will advise the customer what to do next including advice on cleaning. Nviro will normally be able to
carry out the cleaning in this instance as per above. Employees who cannot attend site due to a closure will be paid as normal.

What is Nviro’s business continuity plan?

The key elements from Nviro’s business continuity plan are:

1.) The facility to remotely process our Payroll and manage invoices from suppliers and to our customers.
2.) Re-deployment of our Mobile Cleaning Operatives from routine work and absence cover to provide a more focused preventative cleaning regime.
3.) Increased training to our Operatives on decontamination cleaning.
4.) Use of multiple chemical and material suppliers.
5.) Use of remote working platforms for business critical office staff.
6.) Providing continuous updates to our employees in line with changing Government advice.

What can our customers do to assist Nviro?

We ask that you work in partnership with us, as we are all in this situation together. Please understand that the Coronavirus situation and advice around it is for ever changing and Nviro will need to be agile to adapt to changes. We ask that you are understanding about delivery times on products that are in short demand presently. We also ask that you work with us in terms of agreeing appropriate levels of service, in line with the finite number of employees and resources we have. In return we will be open and transparent with any of our customers as the situation evolves.

Once you know if you have plans to close your building, or have a confirmed case please keep us informed.

Any part of your contingency plan that you may be looking to implement during this pandemic would be helpful to know, so that we can plan and align our strategy where possible.

Thank you for your patience.