Vocational recovery services – Promoting hope and wellbeing together

March 4th, 2020 Category: Industry News Press Releases Staff

As a recent Disability Confident certified employer, Jamie Sparks, Service Manager for the Hounslow area has continued to support the Vocational Recovery Services by speaking to students that suffer with difficulties, disabilities or mental health and supporting them by helping them build the confidence to start working again. Vocational Recovery Services were so impressed with Jamie’s speech they have asked him to join in on the training courses they provide!

Many years ago, Jamie suffered from epilepsy and thought that he was going to have to give up work, but through Nviro supporting him and being offered a grant, he was granted a chauffeur, which meant he could continue to do a great job!

Going through this experience it made Jamie want to help others that suffer with difficulties, disabilities or mental health, not just within Nviro, but outside of Nviro too.

Jamie said “It is so nice just to give a little back and help support guys within our area. As you are aware this isn’t the first speech we have done, but people seem to be positive we will continue to support these guys. So far, we supported them in talks for learning difficulties/disabilities/metal health and as you are aware, we also support by employing guys from these backgrounds and giving them a chance in life”.

 This is such amazing news to share that one of our employees is so passionate in helping and supporting others! Amazing work Jamie

Sian Blithing, Employment Specialist had this to say about Jamie. “Thank you for the time you took out of your busy schedule to talk to the students today.  The feedback was excellent, and they really appreciated your candour when speaking about your personal experiences.  As I explained this is the first time, we have invited an employer to talk on this training course and your positive approach and passion proved to be inspirational to both them and me”.