i-team visit – providing safe, clean and hygienic environments

December 4th, 2018 Category: Building Management Company News Industry News Office Cleaning

It was a very early start for Jane Kent and Sophie Haines from the Sales and Marketing Team, who were invited by Ashley White, Commercial and Safety Manager, to visit the creator and manufacturer of the I-Mop and associated products, in Eindhoven. I-Team are an innovative organisation that have developed a unique value proposition that they live, work and breath every day. They have a passion for learning and innovation and have now developed an international business based in Eindhoven, with two new hubs developing in China and America

Like Nviro, I-Team perceive our sector to be a ‘people’ driven industry. The synergy between our companies is astounding, and so far the relationship that exists is one of mutual respect that is inspirational to all parties. There is familiarity in their description of themselves as “working with people not cleaning, they provide environments that are clean and sanitised for everyone”.

The buildings in Eindhoven have been transformed into the I-Home where they believe that their employees passion creates motivation that will lead to innovation, to use their words ”it is better if everyone smiles”. When I-Team welcomed us into their building, they welcomed us into the I-Team Family. It was apparent from the outset of the visit, that we were about to experience a truly inspirational two days, where our learning would become a valuable asset to Nviro and how we continue to tender for and deliver great environments for our customers.

The way in which they develop their product ideas is impressive. Each of the training areas are simulated working environments such as a supermarket, a hotel room, hospital and even a Mcdonalds. This ensures that each product is thoroughly tested before entering the market place, bringing total confidence in its ability to perform effectively and ensuring that customers get great results.

After being looked after by I-Team and learning about their innovation and outlook, we are excited to bring back what we had learnt and apply this back at Nviro. We are now carefully considering how we can continue to work with and learn from I-Team, in order to provide Safe, Clean and Hygienic environments for people to thrive in.