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October 31st, 2018 Category: Company News Industry News Staff

We are not a Cleaning Company ….this is the first thing that you will hear when you ask what kind of company Nviro is. We are a company that improve peoples’ lives in places we can influence it. We look after our building users to give them an environment to thrive in whether that be to live, learn, work or play in. This is our cause and is key to our company culture; who wouldn’t want to work for a company that positively influences peoples’ lives every day? What we do and why we do it matters.

Our Culture

Key to delivering our cause is our company culture. When Nviro went on a journey to find out who we were as a business I realised that culture is not a set of rules or a defined set of behaviors and there’s no magic formula for creating a great company culture. The key to a great company culture is to look after our employees and treat them well, give our people real autonomy, listen to them, develop them, celebrate their achievements, and look after each other. If our employees are happy, happy customers will follow. This has become the very foundation of our philosophy here at Nviro. Our people mean everything to us.

Continuous Improvement

Key to our culture is to praise our employees and encourage them to make suggestions on how to improve the environment for our customers. After all our employees are our experts! Their feedback is actioned by the Leadership Team and is used to ultimately improve the environment for our customers to thrive in. A better environment means higher customer satisfaction, which in turn creates that unbeatable feeling you get from a job well done. By encouraging involvement in the running of the Company, we create a sense of collaborative ownership that is hard to beat. Our employees genuinely care about the Company and the difference we can make to our customers’ lives.

Looking after our people

Below are just a few things we do to look after our people. However at Nviro we know a great workplace is not a fancy piece of cleaning equipment or paying the right wage (albeit we do these things to attract and retain great people), a great workplace is having great people around you to support, develop and inspire you. We help each other be great.

Recruitment and Retention

We work hard to ensure we invest in our employees by providing them with the best machinery and the most effective products to help complete their day to day tasks.

We have adopted a culture within Nviro where our employees are valued and offered development and support where we value cleaning as a career rather than simply a job. Our staff retention rate is impressively 20% higher than the industry average.

Training and Development

All our employees go through a comprehensive employee induction training programme, which covers areas such as health and safety, safeguarding and the environment. They will complete training in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) guidelines. We focus on cleaning as a profession with progression routes and succession planning.

Tools to do the job

A crucial element of service delivery is the investment in new and modern equipment which all staff are fully trained in, enabling us to deliver a superior and enhanced level of cleaning.

Modern equipment helps employees feel more valued as they are provided with technical and efficient equipment rather than the conventional mop and bucket.

Management Support

As our people are our most valuable asset, we must recognise and appreciate their worth. At Nviro we do this by ensuring a high level of supervision and support.

On and off site managers spend time with employees ensuring clear lines of communication and feedback.

Regular contact is kept with Operatives that work out of hours to ensure they hear how much their contribution is valued and appreciated. This enhances their job satisfaction and aids retention.

Pay and Reward:

It is important to us that our employees get paid a decent wage so they are given a safe and secure living experience as well as kept motivated and rewarded. Our ethos and plan is to make sure that all of our employees will be paid the Real Living Wage as a minimum.

Other non-financial benefits include; training opportunities, career development, recognition schemes, flexible benefits and careful management and support for their day to day work.


Our employees have helped to build a thriving business that positively impacts our customers’ lives every single day. By looking after our employees they look after the rest of business.