Quarterly Shine Awards Winners – Summer 2018

August 8th, 2018 Category: Awards Company News

With all of Nviro’s Shine Award nominations received for the quarter, the quarterly Shine Award runners up and winners have been announced…

Front-Line Staff Winner

Maria Lilyanou – Cleaning Operative, ABP

Maria was nominated by Mark Barnes and Val Harmer, for her dedication during the snowstorms. Mark and Val said Maria embarked on what turned out to be a two hour walk to work, knowing that many of her co-workers would not be able to get to site and deliver the service that the Client at ABP has become accustomed too. They said once Maria got to work, she liaised with the Client and then she prioritised what needed to be done. They also said in all, Maria worked for eight hours, covering the work of six cleaners before embarking on another two hour walk home. Mark and Val said Maria displayed a real passion for her job and the Clients that she looks after, as well as sheer resilience to get to work in the first place. Maria also displayed how collaborative she can be by liaising with the Client in an effort to service their needs in what were very challenging conditions. Overall, ABP were very pleased with seeing Maria as due to the weather they were unsure if anyone could get into work, as only about 50 percent of their work force had managed to. The Client said the commitment to her job and ABP in general was above and beyond Maria’s duty as a cleaner.

Front-line staff runners up:

Asli Okayr – Cleaning Operative at The Langdale Centre in Hounslow

Georgina King – Cleaning Operative at Gurit

Office and Management Winner

Mark Mulholland – Area Supervisor for the Hampshire and Non Ed’s area

Mark was nominated by Victoria Tidmarsh (Senior HR Advisor) and Suzanne Thomas (HR Administrator), for playing a key part in working collaboratively with HR to obtain employee information. Victoria said the Sovereign Housing contract has proven to be a particularly difficult area to collect documents but Mark has worked tirelessly with the front line employees and support functions to clear the back log and ensure that all documents have been collated and submitted correctly. Victoria also said in some instances Mark has had to use his initiative and arrange to visit libraries to use their photocopying services which were not available to him on site. Victoria said although it has been great to see Mark go that extra mile the best part is the evident satisfaction he has got from doing a good job. Suzanne said Mark has made the most amazing effort obtaining DBS documentation from our employees that work for the Sovereign contract to ensure we provide a safe environment for our customers.

Office and Management staff runners up:

David Le Gresley who is the Senior Administrator at the Nviro Head Office.

Sally Madigan who is the Service Manager at Hampshire Police.