Customer Interview – CGG

April 17th, 2018 Category: Building Management Commercial Customer Office Cleaning

Dan Coombs, UK Contracts Coordinator at CGG

Overview of your role

My role at CGG is to align the facilities service contracts in the UK to ensure that we get the best services at a competitive rate.

What is your biggest priority/challenge right now?

In a time when the industry we are working in is having a difficult time, it’s looking at streamlining services and thinking smarter about the contracts we implement and reworking these to suit the current business needs.

What are your routine and specialist cleaning requirements?

We have a very high standard here at CGG, the level of cleaning that we expect means that we constantly push the cleaning team to achieve the highest results. We have a large corridor that we require to be striped and sealed often as well as using Nviro for our window cleaning services.

Why is a safe, clean and hygienic environment important to your organisation?

To present a clean environment for all of our staff is essential; every user in the building will experience something that has been cleaned, numerous times throughout the day. This is reflection on us the facilities department. It’s important that our stakeholders have confidence in the way the site is run.

What’s most important to you in a cleaning service?

It is important to have trust, knowing each day we will walk into the same high standards we have always set, nothing less.

When and how did you start working with Nviro?

CGG have been working with Nviro for a number of years, they actually pre date when I started with CGG and over this period a long standing relationship has been built.

How would you describe the experience?

Generally exceptionally good, and if we do ever have an issue it’s dealt with in a timely manner.

Tell us about your building users?

We are mostly a large open plan office environment, with many meeting rooms, kitchenettes and an onsite restaurant. We also have a large warehouse.

What impact does a safe, clean and hygienic environment have on your building users?

We have high profile clients on site, the way the site is presented is imperative to creating the right first impressions.

What word would your building users use to describe the cleanliness of your buildings and facilities?


What advice would you give to any organisation in your sector looking for a cleaning company right now?

Talk to other companies and facility teams to gain feedback, it’s the most accurate way to gain an impartial and honest review of the services you will get. And from the start set out the standards you wish to achieve.