Quarterly Shine Award Winners

March 29th, 2018 Category: Awards

With all of Nviro’s Shine Award nominations received for the quarter, the quarterly Shine Award runners up and winners have been announced…

Front-line staff winner

Kelly Dunseith who works as a Supervisor at Sovereign Housing.

Kelly was nominated by Mark Mulholland, Area Supervisor for Nviro, for her attitude, work ethic and professionalism. Mark said during a recent visit with Neil Brown to meet the staff at Sovereign, Kelly’s name kept coming up in a positive way and the residents at Friars Moor Court were really impressed with her. Mark said after meeting Kelly in person, it was obvious she displayed a real passion in her work, she put forward some good ideas and as a Supervisor, she arranged cover for sickness and holiday which Mark said in itself is a great help with the day to day running of our sites.

Front-line staff runners up:

Jennifer Heighes who works as a Cleaning Operative at Sheet Primary School.

Matthew Attfield who works as a Cleaning Operative at Arun District Council.

Ricardo Munoz Huet who works as a Cleaning Operative at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy.

Office and Management winner

Kim Dobson who works as an Area Supervisor for the Hounslow area.

Kim was nominated by Jamie Sparks, Service Manager for the Hounslow area, for her continuous growth and the passion for her work. Jamie said Kim has just completed her first NVQ and she has already signed up for her second one. Jamie also said Kim recently carried out a walk around for a new site (Pure Offices) and her notes whilst walking around were amazing. Jamie said she is constantly looking and trying to grow her area and work with old customers, such as Hounslow Town. Jamie said Kim is an asset to his team and the Company, she comes to work smiling every day and she always goes the extra mile.

Office and Management staff runners up:

Rabin Valaydon who works as a Contract Manager for the Brighton and Hove area.

Jay Norbury who works as the Marketing Executive at the Nviro Head Office.

Artur Parafinuik who works as the Contract Manager at Chichester College.