Customer Interview – BACA, PACA & UTC@Harbourside

February 16th, 2018 Category: Educational Establishments Schools Secondary Education

Matthew Dawson, Cluster Premises Manager at BACA, PACA and UTC@Harbourside

PACA is a co-educational school for 11-18 year olds based in the heart of the Mile Oak Community in Portslade, Brighton. Formerly known as Falmer High School, the school closed in 2010 and was replaced by Academy status as PACA with the Aldridge Foundation.

PACA then merged with Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA). BACA is a vibrant 11-18 all-inclusive secondary school and college located in Brighton. The two schools, approximately 8 miles apart from each other, wanted to consolidate the cleaning services to one supplier to gain efficiencies both financially and operationally.

UTC@Harbourside is a university technical college in Newhaven that specialises on subjects in science, engineering maths as well as computing and is for students in the age range of 14-18 with a capacity of up to 600 students.

Overview of your Role?

I manage the internal In-House caretaking service and external contractors for the cleaning, catering and maintenance of three Secondary School Sites that include BACA, PACA and UTC@Harbourside. My role involves that Statutory Compliance is met and the students and staff are provided with a safe, clean, suitable work/learning environment.

What are your biggest Issues?

The biggest issue I have within my role are the tight budgets that are involved within the education sector. Being in partnership with Nviro allows for me to get the best service available with the tight budgets involved with the schools.

Can you outline your routine and specialist cleaning requirements?

Within the three sites I manage the range of services that are provided and can be anything from routine building cleaning to extraction cleaning and window cleaning. These tasks take place on all three campuses in different areas such as classrooms, laboratories, toilets, science rooms, etc, meeting the set specification.

Why is a safe, clean and hygienic environment important to your organisation?

Having safe, clean and hygienic environment directly reflects and has an impact on the first impressions by staff and students and can have an effect on the students learning in a positive or negative way depending on the environment.

What’s most important to you in a cleaning service?

The key to having a great partnership with Nviro is the communication we have with the cleaning staff all the way up to management. The operators always display a positive attitude to meet or go beyond the contract specification to ensure that the schools are at a consistent high level.

When and how did you start working with Nviro?

I started my role with the three schools in January 2015 where Nviro had just been successful in the tender process for the retention of PACA and the addition of BACA. Nviro had already been the provider at PACA since 2012 and started UTC@Harbourside from September 2016 and over the years have continued with the strong working relationship with the schools.

How would you describe the experience?

Having great communication with Nviro has allowed when needed for minor changes in timetabling to accommodate to fit around the schools’ requirements which has run very smoothly. It’s been a pleasure working with the on-site cleaning staff, through to senior management.

Tell us about your building users?

Our buildings are Secondary School Academies with the exception of the University College so the sites are mainly filled with students looking to develop their skills so that they able to progress onto further education. The buildings as well as accommodating the students also are open to several long term letting (mainly Sports) as well as Adult Education, which runs through into the evenings.