Half-term cleaning hitlist for the spring

March 18th, 2016 Category: Schools

The Easter holidays are often welcomed by teachers and students alike, but for cleaning staff, the fun is yet to begin.

Of course, Easter is a long way off yet, but as with any ventures in life, it always helps to be prepared.

School holidays are among the most hectic and significant time when it comes to cleaning.

It is an ideal time for cleaning personnel to get on with the day-to-day building maintenance and ensuring that rooms are overhauled ready for the new academic year.

Indeed, with late March heralding the start of springtime, now represents the perfect time to give the school a little makeover with some spring-cleaning.

However, this is no small task and so as an experienced and knowledgeable cleaning firm, we have put together some top tips and points of considerations that facilities managers will need to bear in mind when it comes to building maintenance.


When it comes to school cleaning, you need a strategy. You need to know exactly what needs to be done and when, and who needs to do what.

Of course, all of the cleaning requirements should be set out before the pupils return, so be sure to plan ahead and prepare in advance.

Your plan should include a task list for floors, kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms and other public areas.

It should also address any health and safety observations you may need to make, and feature a timetable of cleaning schedules and requirements.

Cleaning methodology

Different surfaces will need to be cleaned in different ways. In order to ensure that everything gets done efficiently and according to plan it is necessary to  divide the facility into those floor areas that will be stripped/refinished; those that will only be scrubbed and those that need only detail cleaning.

The areas that need to be dusted, polished, varnished and revamped completely should also be on your hit-list.

Failing to pay attention to these particulars can make it so much more stressful later on down the line, when you are trying to organise everything.

Daily maintenance

While you are spring-cleaning, it is a good idea to get any minor but necessary maintenance odd-jobs out of the way.

So if you have any light bulbs that need repairing, floors that need grouting, or any tiling that needs to be done, then the half-term holidays would be a great time to get them done.

In fact, you should probably get them out of the way first as with any type of building work, it would need to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards.

Cleaning reviews

Last but not least, the half-term planning sessions should also include a review of how the cleaning has worked in the past and a decision as to whether any new changes or updates need to be made.

It is also a good idea to check that equipment is up to date and that everything is functioning as it should. You may even want to look into ‘green’ responsibilities by eradicating products which contain a lot of toxins.