Preventing rodents from hijacking your property

March 4th, 2016 Category: Commercial

Filthy and unsanitary buildings are a magnet for rats. Unfortunately so are clean buildings.

You see, many have the misconception that only the worst of the worst places will attract vermin.

And to some extent that is true. Of course, if you have food lying around, piles of rubbish outside of your property and a generally unkempt exterior, then it will be an invitation to trouble.

Therefore, be sure to hire a professional cleaning company that can thoroughly tidy your property.

However, it is also true that floods and storm damage can lead to an increase in the number of rodents scurrying about.

In that case, there may be other things you need to do to prevent the critters from entering your property.

Failing to ensure that your premises is clear of rats and mice can increase the likelihood of contracting diseases and spreading germs.

If your property is used as a business, it can have even more disastrous consequences and result in you losing customers, or even being shut down.

This is particularly true if you work in the food or hospitality sectors, as the site of a rat scurrying across the premises is unlikely to endear you to your customers.

Therefore you need to have a plan of action for preventing these unwelcome visitors from gaining entry into your building.

We discuss this in further detail below.

Seal openings

Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a 50 pence piece. Cracks and holes are all entry points to vermin.

They are also able to use small openings to chew their way into your property. Therefore, you want to be sure that all cracks and openings are sealed securely.

Keep food sources out of reach

Never leave food lying around or in places where it can easily be reached by rats and mice.

Although it may be tempting to air dry cupboards that have been affected by flooding, it also gives ample time for rats to get to whatever is stored inside.

Therefore be sure that these are shut tight securely. Ideally, all foods should be stored as high up as possible.


Broken or faulty water pipes and sewers are often used as a gateway by rodents to enter into your home.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is check the plumbing and ensure that any broken pipes are fixed.

Toilet pipes and guttering should also be inspected for cracks or faults.

Steel wool

Before sealing any cracks and gaps in your properties interior, you could also insert steel wool into these places.

Steel wool is one of the few things that rats and mice are unable to chew their way through so stuffing crevices with these is an excellent way to keep them out.