Why cleanliness is godliness in an office environment

March 1st, 2016 Category: Commercial

For a business in any industry, its office space is an essential part of its function. This will either be where the bulk of operations will be carried out, or at least where vital administrative activities are performed day after day.

Therefore having a clean office space is essential, not just in terms of presentation but also due to productivity.

Indeed, keeping the office clean is about more than just appearances.


Unclean offices are hotbeds of germs and bugs. The longer it remains unclean, the more germs breed there.

If it remains dirty, your desks, floors, doorknobs and keyboards can become infested with nasties.

This poses a risk to human health and can result in staff members taking more sick leave. Not only does this cause huge inconvenience for your company, it also hampers productivity and eventually, your bottom line.

Personal image

No matter how great your reputation is as a company, the personal image of your firm will suffer if you are known for having filthy and unclean workspaces.

Many consumers associate unkempt places with untrustworthy firms and it could make people think that your company is ‘dodgy’ and unreliable.

As a firm, you want your consumers to view you as professional, organised and reliable. You simply can’t do that if you don't get the basics right.

Staff morale

If the working environment is not that inspiring, then staff members are unlikely to feel motivated to perform at their very best.

Indeed, a dirty office is likely to create bad moods among staff members who have to spend long periods of time in a messy, unclean and cluttered office.

However, by getting an office regularly cleaned and maintained, this can boost morale and motivation among staff members and lead to a happier, more productive workforce.


It is difficult to boost or even achieve efficiency in a messy and cluttered environment. Having a clean and orderly office can be the difference between you finding something straight away or wasting 30 valuable minutes hunting for that all-important document or file.

Quality benchmarks

It is difficult to set standards in a messy office or workspace. Afterall, how do you convince employees to keep their desks clean and tidy if the overall office is still filthy and disorganised?

By having a spotless office, you are clearly leading by example and demonstrating to employees the type of standards you expect them to have.


Having a clean office gives you a clear, competitive advantage over those that are less attentive.

And if you are in the foodservice or hospitality industry this becomes even more important.

Anything that helps to give you an edge over rivals has got to be a good thing.