New developments in the cleaning industry

January 15th, 2016 Category: Commercial

The cleaning industry has experienced a number of new changes over recent years, which has radically transformed the way we maintain our homes, offices and institutions.

While some of the new developments that have occurred in the industry are hardly the most exciting in the world, the truth is that in many instances, our lives would not be the same without them.

In this short guide, we will be looking at some of the latest changes and how these small shifts in the industry impacts the way we go about daily duties.

Cleaning days

Cleaning days are important because they help to highlight the vital work that the sector conducts on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, it is important to take days out to celebrate and raise awareness of the hard work that goes into maintaining our infrastructure.

With that in mind, the Frankfurt, Germany-based European Cleaning Machines Association, EUnited Cleaning has confirmed that this year there will be a number of days dedicated to highlighting the work of the industry.

Speaking about the developments, Jenna Arnold, a spokeswoman for the European Cleaning Machines Association,  said: “Those who did not participate in 2015 can contribute to different events and campaigns in 2016. In the last eight months of the year, 37 events were held in total, ranging from the cleaning of public places in action, to educational events and exhibitions and much more.

“People are interested in new technologies and ways of keeping the surrounding environment comfortable and clean. However, there is still a lot to be done. More people need to be contacted and more industries and companies have to be involved in spreading the message that professional cleaning is the key industry for health, wellbeing and sustainability. Participation in the European Cleaning Days is free – as is promotion through ECD in social media campaigns.”

Protecting against germs

Gloves are the key to protecting cleaners against bacteria, viruses and other nasties. The problem is some gloves can prevent workers from being able to grip things properly or they may be uncomfortable to wear.

However, a new glove has been created to boost both comfort and protection. The Showa 381, enables workers to conduct a variety of tasks, including assembling products and handling oily substances without abrasions.

It is made of microfibre yarn within the lining to help remove sweat from the surface of the hand, while microporous nitrile palm coating allows the warm air and moisture from inside to permeate out.

The glove means that workers are able to keep their hands dry and work productively. It has also been designed to divert grease and oil away, to enhance grip.

Flood cleaning

The recent floods seen in towns and cities across the UK have resulted in one of the biggest cleanup operations in decades.

Over the last few weeks, the UK has seen unprecedented rainfall, which has resulted in the devastation.

In order to prevent further bad-weather catastrophes, one enterprising Cardiff firm has come up with a new initiative designed to minimise the damage created by the floods.

BCB International has encouraged UK residents and businesses to use its ‘Sandbagger’ device to prevent properties from being besieged by the floods and the inevitable cleanup that follows.

The Sandbagger can be put together in seconds and collapsed to facilitate transportation and storage.

John Rix, BCB International's UK Sandbagger manager,  said: “Our winters are notorious for heavy rainfalls which can result in devastating floods. We want communities which are at risk of flooding to know that our Sandbagger can help reduce the damage that a flood can do to their homes and businesses.

“Our Sandbagger has been successfully exported to countries like Poland, where flash floods are a growing problem. It will help speed up flood protection by enabling users to fill sandbags quickly, right where they need them the most.”