Bathroom news: What really goes on behind the scenes

January 15th, 2016 Category: Commercial

Public bathrooms are not always the most comfortable of places for many people.

However, a new study has taken these awkward moments to a whole new level.

A recent report unveiled by the Metro newspaper found that lack of supplies, uncleanliness and sickness topped the list of bathroom blues.

The research revealed that the majority (58 per cent) of Brits said that suddenly discovering there is no toilet paper in the bathroom was among the most embarrassing ‘toilet moments’.

This was even greater than the fear of someone walking in after forgetting to lock the bathroom door, which was cited by 26 per cent of those surveyed.

A further 23 per cent of people said that unwittingly walking into the wrong gender’s bathroom was another source of humiliation, while being physically sick was cited by 14 per cent.

In addition, ten per cent said that clogging the loo and being unable to flush it properly was a source of discomfort, while nine per cent felt that having someone start a conversation with you from the next cubicle was the most embarrassing thing that could occur in the bathroom.

Having to be rescued from a locked bathroom was cited by five per cent, while falling asleep in a stall received four per cent of the vote, with the same number of people stating that dropping their phone in the toilet was among the most awkward bathroom incident.

Speaking about the findings, Klaus Reichardt, chief executive and founder of Waterless Co. Inc, said: “While in the US it is not at all common, another embarrassing moment for men is when they walk into a men's restroom in Europe and find a female attendant in the restroom.

“However, this is very common and accepted throughout Europe and many other parts of the world.”

Reducing bacteria

Another common habit associated with using the bathroom is the act of washing one’s hands.

In a previous article, we highlighted how the majority of Brits (more than 70 per cent) said that they washed their hands.

This was highlighted in a recent study published by industry market research firm Infiniti Research, which found that the global demand for electric hand dryers is forecast to grow 12 per cent annually over the next four years.

This popularity of the devices is thought to be due to the increased awareness of hand hygiene.

The report entitled ‘Global Electric Hand Dryer Market 2016-2020’ stated that the largest growth will be seen in the European Union, mainly thanks to the increase in the number of hotels and restaurants in the region.

In addition, there has also been a heightened appetite for customised products such as hot hand dryers, which retained a 63 per cent share in the market.

Hot hand dryers have been predicted to maintain its number one position during the forecast  period of 2016-2020.

There has also been a rising demand for eco hand-dryers.