Commercial cleaning tips for offices

December 10th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Christmas is a busy time for most firms, due to staff holidays, an increase in orders and altered opening times.

With so many things to do and prepare for over the Christmas, the last thing you want to have to worry about is the cleaning.

Worrying about the office maintenance is the last thing that managers want to be concerned about this winter, but failing to prioritise this and get it out of the way could potentially lead to severe, unintended consequences later on down the line.

For example, winter is a time when many workers fall prey to illnesses and colds. This can result in many firms experience staff shortages, both because of the annual festivities and due to illness.

However, many of these bugs can be prevented by diligent cleaning and hygiene practices.

Consider research by the University of Arizona for example, It found that the bacteria carried by just one sick worker can easily spread across the premises.

Pathogens were said to be particularly likely to collect on desktops and on telephones, as well as door knobs, buttons on machines such as photocopiers and the office refrigerator.

However, one way to tackle this is to ensure that a specialist cleaning team is enlisted to help ensure the office is maintained during the busy, Christmas period.

Although some firms will attempt to bring the cleaning in-house, it could lead to important things being missed or overlooked as ordinary staff members may not have the experience or the time to sanitise and disinfect surfaces adequately in order to eradicate germs.
Hand sanitisers are also a good bet this winter, as it can help prevent the transmission of germs from one member of staff to another.

Cleaning is also important from a productivity point of view. While the link may seem somewhat tenuous, it is one which is well established.

A study published by Brigham Young University found for example that dirty, unclean and mouldy walls negatively impacted concentration, productivity, and learning.

Naturally, an office that is clean, tidy and organised will be much more conducive to an efficient work environment and will be easier for staff to work in.

A clean office also creates a good impression, whereas a cluttered, dirty office will do the precise opposite.

When a client walks into your office, they are much more likely to see your business as one that is professional, committed to high quality and standards, if it is reflected in your external environment.

On the other hand, if your premises look dishevelled and disorganised, then naturally, it will difficult for customers to take you seriously.

The Christmas is a time when many people will be invest in new products and services and reviewing existing purchases and subscriptions.

So in order to win extra business and avoid losing the clients you already have, it is necessary to pay strict attention to the management of your facilities.

In the run-up to the Christmas and New Year, most companies will experience an increase in footfall and meetings, as many directors and managers will be looking to schedule important gatherings before the holiday period.

So there is a very good chance that your office will be busier than usual. With that being the case, it is also important to consider health and safety.

If you have obstacles in the building, or unhygienic areas of the office, then you could potentially be held liable if anyone is hurt as a result.

You certainly do not want anyone to slip on wet/filthy surfaces, trip over, inhale potential pathogens or get ill.

All of this will serve to bring your more trouble than it is worth. 

Furthermore, the extra numbers you are likely to see this season will mean that you will have to work harder to maintain it, as more people will be using your facilities.

In order to keep on top of all of this, it will be necessary to call in the professionals. And that's where Nviro comes in.

Our experienced and specialist cleaning team can ensure that your office stays clean over the Christmas, thereby helping to reduce illness and accidents, boost productivity and create a great first impression among your customers.