Christmas cleaning tips for the busy homeowner

December 1st, 2015 Category: Local Authority & Housing

Christmas is a hectic period for most people, with it being a time when many of us have family or friends coming to visit.

Although it is a traditionally a time when people are supposed to kick back and relax, many find themselves frantically rushing around in the kitchen, preparing festive banquets and wrapping up presents.

And it seems that no sooner is Christmas over and done with, then the New Year and all of its associated celebrations comes hot on the heels of that.

All of this invariably brings with it a certain amount of stress and anxiety, especially when the cleaning needs to be done on top of that.

The key to a happy Christmas is therefore in the preparation. Failing to prepare adequately will only create more headaches later on down the line, so read our top tips below on how to lighten the load during the festivities.

Keep a checklist

There is always one thing that we forget when busy rushing around for Christmas, and this often adds further stress and tension.

So to avoid wasting time, it is best to keep a checklist of all the necessary tasks that need to be completed.

At least that way, when you start the cleaning or hire a cleaner to take on the heavy lifting on your behalf, you will at least know in advance what needs to be done.

Stockpile cleaning products

As mentioned above, the key to a good Christmas is in the preparation. One way in which you can remain prepared is to stock up on cleaning products and supplies in advance.

You will be glad you have done this when you find yourself rushing around during the annual Christmas shop.

If you end up hiring cleaners, it will also be handy to have a good supply of products in case they are short of anything.

Undertake daily cleaning activities

It is never a good idea to leave all the cleaning until the last minute. The last thing you need is a build up of chores to add on top of your Christmas preparations.

So in order to save time and money on cleaning costs, then be sure to do daily housework in the run-up to the big day.

Get extra equipment

Here, we are not talking about anything too technical. Just have extra chairs, or boxes, storage containers or bins that you will inevitably need when all those Christmas gift wrappers come off and the extra food gets discarded.


But why should you be lumbered with all the cleaning anyway? It is deeply unfair for one person to be expected to carry the burden of Christmas on their shoulders, so be sure to get others involved in the festive cleaning fun too!

Be sure to draw up a rota so that others in the house get involved and help out with some of the essentials.

Of course, if you really want to feel that stress melting away, then why not hire professional cleaners to do all the work for you?

Not only will they have the experience and equipment to carry out the job much better than you will and can save you a great deal of money and stress.

Cleaning rates from Nviro are very affordable, depending upon the size of your home and what you are after.

So why not invest a little into taking the weight off your shoulders this season?

After all, if you can't treat yourself at Christmas then when can you?