Cleaning roundup: Down the pan

September 30th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Richmond: Richmond Council has launched a bid to prevent urination on the street during the Rugby World Cup this Autumn.

The local authority has signed up around 70 businesses to a Community Toilet Scheme.

This scheme will cover the area around Twickenham Stadium.

The council's website stated: "The Community Toilet Scheme enables local pubs, restaurants and shops to work together with the council to make more clean, safe and accessible toilets available to the public," claims the council's website.

"Handy interactive area maps show match-goers who is taking part in the scheme plus where the facilities are and what they can offer."

Firms which are part of the scheme will display a sticker on their windows indicating whether the available facilities are for men, women or both.

The businesses in question will also receive a grant from the council for participating in the initiative.

Czech Republic: A Czech bar has come up with an innovative new way to assist those who have had a few too many drinks during a club night.

Club Kotelna in Prague has installed a new 'vomiting toilet' at chest height in its venue. It means that drunken clubbers do not have to kneel on a sticky washroom floor to vomit.

The contraption even comes complete with a stick figure illustrating how to use the toilet.

While some online commentators thought it was a good idea, many have reacted negatively.

UK toilet store: Britain's first toilet store has opened in London.

The shop has been sponsored by Tork manufacturer SCA and comes complete with Tork toilet tissue, hand towels and soap products, an affiliated shop and clean loos.

The 2theloo store in Covent Garden comes on the back of a public survey into consumer attitudes towards toilets on the street.

Originally founded by Dutch entrepreneurs Eric Treurniet and Almar Holtz in Amsterdam, 2theloo was first set up in response to a growing dissatisfaction with the unavailability of public washrooms in cities within Europe.

Jenny Turner, SCA marketing director UK, said: "Our research revealed that six out of ten women feel that poor hygiene in public spaces limits their lives. And 52 per cent of female respondents claim that poor hygiene prevents them from using public washrooms.

"2theloo is a proven concept in high quality public toilets, and as a champion of both innovation and hygiene SCA is the ideal international premium partner for 2theloo."

In addition to hygienic facilities, the store includes a family room, make-up corner and a small shop offering gifts, drinks and toiletries.

Ms Turner added: "Everyone should be able to go out into a city without worrying about the location of the nearest accessible public toilet. The mission of 2theloo is to make the absolute most of your toilet break, wherever you are."

Those who make use of the facilities receive a discount voucher in return, which they can then use in nearby selected shops and restaurants.

Toilet paper cleaners: A new type of toilet paper has been created that can help to clean out sewer and drainage systems.

BioTech is the brainchild of cleaning supplies firm ICS. It contains active microorganisms which feed on dirt present in the pipes and sewage system.

The way it works is by making contact with water and intensifying its own capabilities even in areas that cannot be reached by chemical or mechanical means.

Matt Dodgson, director of cleaning supplies firm ICS, said: "The new Bio Tech paper is revolutionary technology. It contains microorganisms that produce enzymes when they come into contact with water. The organisms are harmless to people but will biodegrade deposits and nasty smelling substances reducing bad odour and the risk of clogs in the system. It has been proven to reduce maintenance costs by up to 40 per cent compared to common toilet paper."