Technology holds the key to a better cleaning service

September 17th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Technology holds the key to a better cleaning service and adds value to firms that specialise in this industry.

Benoit Maerten, managing director of Temco Facility Services Europe in Belgium, said that while the cleaning sector has traditionally been a time-consuming and labour-intensive industry, online facilities can help to boost efficiency.

In an interview published by the European Cleaning Journal, accounting, invoicing and payroll with computerised solutions can replace traditional paper functions, according to Mr Maerten.

Tablets and iPads can allow cleaning firms to work more effectively off-site and access important client information.

However, technology is not just good for employers – it can also speed up processes for employees to.

Modern technology for example, can allow consumers to access information about their job online and see what tasks have been carried out.

All of this can help to resolve complaints and offer a much better customer service.

Mr Maerten told the European Cleaning Journal: "Cleaning companies in general are often operating in a defensive mode, waiting for complaints and then explaining why things go wrong.

“I believe good customer care and communication is generally lacking in the industry. In the past the customer was not so interested in how problems were solved, how the whole cleaning operation happened, but now they want to be involved and they expect us to be much more transparent and communicative. They expect to see complaints and other issues recorded, and how they have been followed up.”

Cleaning is traditionally an industry where many consumers prefer a hands-off approach, according to Mr Maerten.

He said that many consumers just want the cleaning job done, without them having to have constant input.

"The truth is that cleaning is not a service clients like very much, it’s a commodity. Staff working in a building just want the cleaning to be cleaned without them having to be involved, and the FM manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that happens. For his part, the FM manager simply wants issues to be resolved and the staff within the building to be content", he added.

So how exactly can technology help to resolve that? Well, Mr Maerten said that by implementing effective IT systems, cleaning firms are able to respond better and more quickly to their staff and customers.

Not only does technology improve existing services, but it can also present opportunities for cleaning firms to offer enhanced services to their customers.

Furthermore, he said that the use of technology in this way can boost trust and transparency among customers.