Roundup of cleaning industry news

September 15th, 2015 Category: Local Authority & Housing

The world's first ever sustainability summit dedicated to cleaning products has been launched.

The conference takes place in Paris, between October 20th and 21st, and is set to address the major technical and marketing challenges associated with green home care products. 

A number of industry leaders and well-known firms within the green cleaning products industry will be in attendance, and that will include Ecover.

During the event, an update will be given on market trends and developments, as well as industry challenges and future projections. 

Some of the key topics for discussion will include ethical retailing, green consumer behaviour and case studies from home care brands and ingredient firms. 

Other key topics on the agenda will include discussions on sustainable surfactants, green fragrances, cleaning enzymes and novel chemicals for home care products. 

The conference will also educate attendees about the available products on the market for home care product formulations.

The certification of landscape for home care products and the cleaning standards associated with some items will also be discussed.

Some brands such as Etamine du Lys will state how they overcame the formulation challenges to produce certified products.

Participants will also get the opportunity to take part in workshops, with guidance given to  formulators and product developers, especially those seeking to develop stable and effective formulations using eco-friendly materials.

During the conference, attendants will also get the chance to learn how firms can best reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to cleaning and how to develop ‘reduced impact’ products. 

RVM 2015

One major event that took place recently was the RWM 2015 event. It took place in NEC in Birmingham next week and discussed recycling and waste management issues and best practice examples of operational efficiencies.

Other themes covered within the event include circular economy, energy from waste, food recycling, and more.

Commenting on the event, RWM chairman Barry Dennis said: "By being aware of the many and varied opportunities to re-use or recycle materials and use environmentally-friendly products, services and equipment, the cleaning sector can benefit from the hidden value in surplus resources, leading to significant savings."

Fragrance impacts cleaning

Fragrancing has a major impact on the products we choose for cleaning our homes and offices, new research from IFRA UK, the fragrance association appears to suggest.

This has resulted in many manufacturers creating products that are designed to evoke certain memories and produce scents, that would make consumers more likely to purchase those fragrances.

There is also a move towards concentrated products for cleaning as well as laundry, all of which give an intense fragrance to the home and linens and clothing, while sustainability is another major consideration.

Lisa Hipgrave, director of IFRA UK, said: "The effect of fragrance in enhancing and affecting our interpretation of our environment is a fascinating topic. Each year at the Fragrance Forum we seek to draw together the worlds of perfumery, industry and academia and this year we have engaged a superb group of speakers".

IFRA UK is holding its annual Fragrance Forum on October 15 at the Royal Society in London.