Office cleaning tips

August 20th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Summer is a time when many workers go on holiday and travel abroad. This means that many workers will be busy managing the demands of clients with a reduced workload.

Undoubtedly, this will place a lot of pressure on both workers and supervisors, as they struggle to keep pace with everything.

However, in many ways, this is a perfect time for managers to get the office in order because there are fewer people around to disrupt the process.

For any employer seeking to create a good first impression among clients, boost morale, improve hygiene and clear junk out of the office, then having a late summer cleanup is ideal.

Working in a clean and tidy office can contribute to boosting productivity and makes it a much more harmonious and hygienic place to operate in.

There is also evidence that clearing up the office can contribute to stress reduction, as workers will no longer have to operate in a cluttered and chaotic environment.

Accidents will also become less prevalent as a result and this coupled with stress reduction can help to lower absenteeism.

This is particularly important during the summer time, which is undoubtedly one of the most hectic periods for many companies.

However, due to the fact that August is one of the busiest periods of the year for firms due to the number of people taking holidays, it means that many companies will not have the manpower or the time to attend to the cleaning.

This is why it is necessary to hire a commercial cleaning company that can help business premises to stay clean and tidy.

While some firms may prefer to keep the cleaning in-house, on a practical level, it is always better to delegate this tedious task to experienced and knowledgeable cleaners to reduce the pressure on existing staff members.

However, if you want to incorporate and promote cleanliness as a part of your office routine, there are many easy ways to do so.

Ridding the office of paper clutter

This is probably the number one culprit when it comes to creating mess in the office. By clearing the clutter in this regard, it makes it less likely that firms will lose important files or documents

Businesses should ensure that papers are in good order and neatly filed away in cabinets, desk organisers and storage boxes.


Nobody likes a desk piled high with junk, paper, books and other unnecessary clutter. While professional cleaning will include ensuring the desks are wiped and cleaned, it is still a good idea to encourage employees to ensure their table stays clean and as clear as possible.


Maintaining the office naturally has to be a team effort. In order to ensure that important tasks are carried out, employers should delegate specific tasks to various teams or department.

For example, who will be in charge of ensuring the recycling goes out in time? Who will ensure that all the correct areas are covered by the professional cleaning team?

These are things that need to be considered by employers.