How to save money on commercial cleaning costs

August 20th, 2015 Category: Commercial

A well-run business spends its money wisely, whether it's on office supplies, utilities and communications or even their commercial cleaning contract.

Of course, cheaper isn't always best. After all, there's no point cutting back on cleaning costs, hiring a less-reputable firm to work just a few hours a week if you end up with a dirty, unproductive workplace. Just as with any other line of work, you tend to pay more for quality commercial cleaners and, whether it's ensuring your staff have a bright, comfortable place in which to work or whether it's making sure clients and customers aren't given a bad impression, a good cleaner can be more than worth the investment.

That said, there are plenty of ways you can save money on commercial cleaning costs without necessarily compromising on the quality of the job done. Here are just a few things to consider when looking to reduce your outgoings:

Get an expert opinion – ask the cleaners!

All too often businesses hire cleaning companies without having first worked with them to come up with a plan of action.

Remember, in most cases, professional cleaners will have years' of relevant experience and, whether you want an office building or school cleaned and maintained, will know exactly how long the job in question should take. Be sure to use their expertise and ask their opinion. It may well be that the cleaners themselves can identify time-saving opportunities or ways to work more efficiently, so don't simply leave the planning to the building owners or your office manager.

Take care of the little things yourself

Commercial cleaners are hired to deep clean a workspace, making sure the surfaces are hygienic, the floors shine and the bathrooms and communal areas are looking good.

All too often, however, a contracted cleaner will spend a large portion of their shift washing employees' dishes or separating standard rubbish from recycling.

One easy but effective way of saving time (and therefore, money) is to make sure staff take care of these little things themselves, leaving the cleaners to concentrate on the bigger tasks. Introduce workplace rules concerning tidying up and washing up cups and plates and encourage staff to be more proactive in keeping their place of work clean and tidy. Even if it only saves the professionals a few minutes at the start of each shift, you'll soon start noticing the differences financially.  

Promote a clutter-free workspace

It's not just employees who are often guilty of making a commercial cleaner's job more difficult. Many bosses, too, take up their time by failing to think about how they can make their office or commercial workspace less cluttered.

Think about it: If there's an old fax machine in the corner that nobody uses anymore, this still needs cleaning and dusting, as do shelves that are lying empty ever since the dawn of the 'paperless office'. Also, look to see if there any desks that don't get used or any old books cluttering.

Remember, a cleaner wants to get in and out as swiftly as possible, so it's your job to ensure that they can do this. By making the whole process as smooth and trouble-free as possible, you'll save the cleaners time and, in doing so, be able to cut back on your bills without compromising on quality.