Guide to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products

July 6th, 2015 Category: Commercial

A growing number of businesses are becoming more conscious about the impact of their products and services on the environment.

But being more sustainable doesn't just mean using chemicals that are safe for the natural surroundings, it means reducing all the many other environmental impacts that arise in making and using cleaning products, such as the consumption of energy and generating waste.

Therefore, companies need to ensure that they are highly selective when choosing eco-friendly products.

Firms should also make sure their suppliers work to the same ethical standards and reduce their impact on the environment during their cleaning operations.

But how exactly can enterprises ensure the cleaning products they use are sustainable?

The first thing businesses can do is to double check the ingredients of their chosen products.

Another way firms can boost their green credentials is by using a reputable and environmentally-friendly cleaning firm. 

This will not only save you time in terms of resources, but will also negate the need to scrutinise every ingredient in the cleaning products you use.

When it comes to using third-party suppliers, you should ideally seek for evidence that they have effective strategies in place to reduce the use of raw materials and waste during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the consumption of energy and water should be greatly reduced, not just by your own organisation but by those you use.

You will also want to ensure that carbon emissions, including sewerage and hazardous substances are minimised.

An environmental management system should also be in place, in order to measure the efficacy of sustainable operations and to prevent accidental emissions.

Health and safety is another important factor, and measures should be put in place to protect staff and reduce the use of any potentially harmful substances.

In order to reduce the impact of the cleaning products used, you should seek to define what the cleaning products will be used for and buy products which will meet that criteria.

Be sure that your supplier services are cleaning equipment regularly, particularly critical items such as dosing pumps for automated machines.