Guide to facilities management

July 6th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Facilities management is an important and yet time consuming aspect of running a businesses.

With so many people heading out and about this summer during the hot, sunny spells, businesses across the country are likely to see higher footfall and an increase in the number of consumers visiting their establishment.

Therefore, now it is more important than ever that facilities are cleaned to a high standard.

Furthermore, business leaders should also take the time to review any cleaning procedures and begin making maintenance plans for the coming autumn and winter.

While everyday chores and cleaning may not exactly be top of the list when it comes to priorities, companies neglect this at their peril.

When it comes to managing a busy establishment, another thing that you ought to consider is the environment.

Unsustainable practices or cleaning methods can not spell disaster for your company and tarnish your reputation.

Below, we have outlined some top tips for maintaining your facilities.

Safety considerations

Health and safety is one of the most important considerations when running a commercial enterprise.

Audits should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that a building is fit for purpose and that any safety issues are flagged up.

This includes things such as the electrical wiring in a property, the structure of facilities and fire safety.

Furthermore, you should ensure that all exits within a building remain clear and free of obstruction.

A regular cleaning schedule should be established, to make sure that any unnecessary items or junk do not create tripping hazards or dangers to anyone who may use the building.


In a similar vein, you should also clean the floors on a regular basis. Entry floors and carpets in particularly should be given a deep clean to remove any stains or mess.

If you have wooden floors, you would ideally recoat these every few years or so, to protect it from damage.

Further efforts should be made to ensure that neither carpets, tiles or mats create hazards for those using the building.

When it comes to carpets, many  building managers make the mistake of postponing the cleaning of carpets before and during the winter months. 

The problem with that is you then open yourself up to the risk of carpets becoming saturated with contaminants and this can have an adverse impact on air quality within the building.

By ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned at the start of each new season, you can ensure that they remain clean and free of toxins throughout the year.


A large number of people in the UK have allergies – particularly to things like dust.

While many facilities managers will be diligent when it comes to the cleanliness of their establishment, dust is something that accumulates fairly easily on a regular basis in most buildings.

It can also be difficult to pay attention to hard-to-reach areas, especially where dust is concerned.

Therefore, you will need to ensure that your firm has the proper cleaning equipment and tools in place to guarantee that you cover the main surfaces and areas within the establishment.


Pay special attention to the bathroom areas and ensure that these are checked on a regular basis.

These are the places which can quickly go from being clean to unhygienic day-to-day so you will want to have a rota and a team of dedicated cleaning staff on hand to check these.

Staff members should pay particular attention to health and safety particularly when cleaning up bodily fluids and toxic waste.

Facilities managers should also ensure that whoever is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms ensure that they remain adequately stocked up throughout the day.

It is common practices for many companies to put up warning signs when a member of staff is cleaning both male and female toilets.

Review procedures

It is important to review the procedures and costs involved with cleaning and identify areas where savings in terms of time and money can be made.

For example, if the cleaning is entrusted to people who do not have the professional qualifications or experience to do so, then this is both inefficient and the cleaning will be of a very poor standard.

This could potentially cost you dear in the long-run. Therefore, be sure to monitor the impact of your facilities management strategies and be prepared to update it or invest more in extra resources if needs be.