School cleaner celebrates 20-year milestone

April 30th, 2015 Category: Secondary Education

A dedicated cleaner has hit the headlines after celebrating 20 years of working for a school in his area.

During his two decades of working at a school, Walter Oxendale has not had a single day off sick and has played a central role in maintaining Hull Collegiate School in Anlaby.

His working day typically starts from 4pm to 6.45pm, Monday to Friday and he has played an important role in ensuring the school always looks its best. 

As a result of his perseverance, he has now been dubbed as a 'perfect employee' by his company.

Community asset

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, Joe Rymer, facilities manager at the school, said that Mr Oxendale is more than just a cleaner – he is a vital part of the local community and school environment.

She said: "Walter is an absolute gem. He gets on well with all the staff and his face is well known around the school.

"If he sees we need a hand with something, he's there. Twenty years is a fantastic milestone. He is part of the furniture here and it wouldn't be the same without him."

Speaking to the same news provider, Mr Oxendale himself said the nature of the work was incredibly rewarding.

He added: "I try my best and take pride in what I do. I'm like part of the furniture. The staff and students are very nice and have been very good to me, and the people I work with are what makes the job great. They are like an extended family."

Preserving the environment

This story really serves to highlight the important role that cleaners play in maintaining the appearance and hygiene of a school.

In order to motivate and inspire children, it is necessary to create a clean and harmonious environment that is conducive to learning.

The story also highlights the value of choosing a company with experienced, dedicated and reliable personnel who are committed to the job.

Keeping it clean

Numerous studies have highlighted the link between the cleanliness of an environment and productivity.

Unfortunately, over the last year or so, a number of reports have shown that many schools across the country are in a state of disrepair.

In Birmingham, it was recently revealed that many schools in the city were in serious need of intervention and overhauling.

Of the schools in the area, 24 (six per cent) were ranked as 'inadequate'.

In February, it was reported that schools across building were infested with large rats, which were regularly seen in the area.

These are just a few of the examples which demonstrate the need for schools to invest more money in cleaning and general maintenance.

Ultimately, neglecting to maintain the cleanliness of a school building can potentially contribute to decreased productivity and hygiene problems.