British workers ‘too busy to clean’

April 29th, 2015 Category: Commercial

Leaving mouldy cups of tea in the kitchen, neglecting to clean up after oneself, and being 'too busy to clean' were some of the top cleaning blunders made by British workers, new research has found.

A report commissioned by equipment manufacturer Kärcher revealed that six in ten full-time workers consider themselves too busy to clean each week.

An additional one in eight said they never vacuum at home, while a fifth never polish or dust.

Furthermore, a quarter of people admitted to never having cleaned their windows, while defrosting freezers and clearing out the fridge was also low down on people's list of priorities.

Some 2,000 employed people were surveyed as part of the report, which found that the majority of full-time workers (84 per cent) only find time to do a proper clean of their house once a month or less.

The most despised household jobs include cleaning the oven, windows and vacuuming the stairs.

Speaking about the study, Phil Springall, Kärcher UK Home and Garden marketing manager, said increasing workloads and hectic lifestyles were to blame.

He added: "We've seen that more than ever, full time workers are juggling their careers while trying to stay on top of the chores at home and clearly it's a battle that many admit they fail to win.

"The result of that is that standards at home slip and that means a less welcoming environment after a hard day's work.It's important people have the ability to maintain their homes as well as they wish, without having to spend all their free time doing chores."

Among the other most common cleaning blunders are leaving hair in the plughole, letting dust gather on the shelves and television and failing to change sheets regularly.

Unwashed dishes, overflowing bins and leaving food on the floor were also included among the 'top 40 cleaning sins' unveiled by the study.